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by Giovanni Paniccia

In Spelljamming terms, Alphatia and Serraine are "aware" nations. Other KW countries are just "groundling".
Ochalea is the exception: being a Thyatian colony Ochalea does not qualify as "nation", but they have some Dragonship.

Primary (Sun): Ixion, Fire Spherical body
Nobody lives here, but there are some gates to Elemental Plane of Fire.

Valerias: Earth Spherical body, class E
Only some Sollux stronghold here and planar travellers (not Spelljammer).

Mystara: Earth (Hollow) Spherical body, class E
We know it very well!

Vanya/Rathanos: Earth Spherical body, class E
Thyatians astronomers call it Vanya, because in winter it is cold and grey; Ylari astronomers call it Rathanos, because in summer it is red and burning like the Lord of Flames.
It has an elliptical orbit, so it is very far from Ixion during fall and it is icy. Ice melts in summer and soil is aflame because it is so much near to Ixion, the primary.
Inhabited by salamanders: fire/frost have alternate lethargic cycle.

Asterius: Earth Flat body, class E
This world was colonised during technological Blackmoor era: spaceships build here cities and dominions. Now, losing the home-country, the Blackmoorian descendants are in a middle-age-like era. We have here descendants of Blackmoorians, Skandaharians, Elves and Emerondians, building many countries in the "top" side of the flat world. The "underworld" is inhabited by undead, killed by radiations and heavy pollution.
Blackmoorians ruins are to be found here and there.

Tarastia: Air Spherical body, class G
Better known to hits inhabitants as "Eloysia", refer to "Five coins for a kingdom" master adventure.

Khoronus: Air Spherical body, class G (rings)
Only poisonous gas pollute the main planet air. Breathing it means sure death.
Rings are populated, and I placed the famous Rock of Bral here, with 2 dwarvish mine bases in strong competition; 1 arcane trading post; some inn/asteroids; 1 neogi stronghold.

Ordana: Air Spherical body, class E
This is Old Alphatia: Delthar, Belthar, Gammar and the like. Kabarkhand is the main port of call.

Protius: Water Spherical body, class D
I have not developed it. Because it has no continents, no island... only a great ocean. Maybe something like a Kevin Kostner's Waterworld, with no technology of course. Humans would not be natives: they fell here via spelljamming and adapted living in boats.
Natives are underwater races, but not surfacing often, so nobody knows about them.
Water is salty, not drinkable.