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As promised, another undead today. With a nod to the legend Ray Harryhausen...


by Cab Davidson

AC: 4
HD: 4*
Movement: 120' (40')
Attacks: By Weapon
Damage: By weapon (with mastery)
Number Appearing: 3d8 (3d8)
Save As: Fighter 4
Morale: 12
Treasure Type: V or Special
Intelligence: 5
Alignment: Neutral
XPV: 125

Appearing very like an undead skeleton, the skeletos is a far more hazardous foe. Created by special rituals for specific purposes skeletos are invariably tied to a specific location or item, typically a tomb or item. They are created for one purpose - to guard that item or location from theft or incursion by those who would loot or otherwise cause harm. While an undead creature is always a servant of entropy, skeletos are neither evil nor chaotic, they merely seek to carry out their instructions.

Unlike skeletons, skleletos are both fast and skillfull warrios. They are always armed with a shield and a one handed weapon. The DM can choose or roll on the table below:

% Weapon
1-20 Short Sword
21-60 Normal Sword
61-70 Spear
71-80 Trident
81-90 Club
91-100 Whip

Most (70%) skeletos are skilled with the weapon they have, 20 % are experts and a few (10%) are masters.

Skeletos will not initiate combat with any character that does not challenge the area or item they guard, but will remorselessly pursue any characters fleeing once this has happened. They are, however, capable of tactical thought - if one character flees but others threaten to encroach, they will split up and some will pursue while others guard.

Over many years, creatures wander into areas protected by skeletos and the remnants of their treasure (treasure type V) may be found there. But there are persistent rumours of ancient skeletos guarded ruins containing fabulous treasures - crowns to lost kingdoms, magical tomes of lost, forbidden knowledge, etc.