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Skothar Overview

by Håvard

Skothar Regions:

There are two types of published sources that can be used to detail Skothar. One is the standard Mystara material dealing with the topic. The other has to do with the location of Blackmoor. If Blackmoor was located on Skothar, as per the Hollow World boxed set, then that could have some implications for modern day Skothar, which I will refer to as Blackmoor Legacy. We do not even have to deal with the d20 material, most of the relevant details are already found in the DA modules. Note that DA1 Adventures in Blackmoor contains some information that is relevant for Skothar regardless of whether you accept this location of Blackmoor. In addition I have consulted this map for Rakasta breeds.


Nentsun Plateau

Thonian Wastes

Bay of Thorin



Empire of the Great Khan (Sword of Jennite)

Tangor (Tangor Bay, Gulf of Tangor, Tangor Peninsula)



My appologies for the crudeness of this map. I tried to mimic OldDawg's Davania Regions map. I tried to avoid using the names Tangor and Nentsun more than I had to. That is why the Nentsun Plateau appears as the Skothar Plataeu and the Tangor Gulf is only known as the Gulf. I also considered adding a separate region for the valley that cuts into the Skothar Plateau.

Old Blackmoor and Old Thonia locations are based on a map by Zompatore. Old Blackmoor includes not just Blackmoor, but also its neighbouring regions formerly the Duchy of the Peaks and Plains of Hak. As identified by Zompatore, Nentsun is the remnants of the old Skandaharian lands. Other names are taken from the Master Set map and the HW Boxed Set maps.