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Demihumans of Skothar

by Rodger Burns

Skothar has no established populations of dwarves, halflings or elves. The elves all migrated from the southern end of Davania up its western coast to their current homelands in Brun; the halflings followed a similar route, only starting out in central Davania. The dwarves all got dropped in the Rockhome Mountains by Kagyar and don't appear to have moved much. So far as the canon shows, Skothar is mostly home to just humans - whether of Oltec, Jennite or Tanagoro heritage.

Which doesn't mean that other demihuman races don't exist, of course. Following are four new races originating on or most frequently found on the continent of Skothar - the mystical dragonchildren, the ferocious wanderers, the sly shadelings, and the cryptic and enigmatic deathless. (All these races have alternate names, of course, in the Tangor/M-Chinese language. But for clarity's sake these are translated here into the common Thyatian equivalents.) Some members of these races may have traveled as far west as Bellisaria or Esterhold, but they're mainly found in points further east - the steppes of Jen, the Minaean coast, the Nentsun Plateau, Tangor, and the mountains of the Sunrise Spine.