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The Skull Legions of Mystara

by Joe Kelly

The Skull Legions of Mystara are concentrated in the realms of the Known World. Each is, in itself is a standing army. The Legions consist of approx. (at max), 10,000 warriors. They are all overseen by an overlord (IMC Lord Night Bay) and under him a council of four undead vampires (one of which is Von Wolslazny). The Generals of each are also answerable to three Warlords who also act as bodyguards for Night Bay. It is Night Bay's ambition to join the ranks of the Immortals. Little does he know that if the Immortals agreed he would be, but none wish him to be joining their ranks. His power is beyond mere mortals, and the very fact that his council of Vampires are loyal while remains an unaging human, speaks untold volumes. Night Bay in the meantime has told his legions to be loyal to the realms that they sit in, defending it's borders from outside intrusions. (This has helped King Thar tremendously as he can pillage the nations around him and be protected by the highly trained Skull Warriors of his realm). Below are the countries the Legions currently reside in. Recently, the Emerald Legion of Alfheim has fallen, and others fight for their very existence as the world shakes with wars.

All Legionnaires wear the Skull Masks to hide their faces. For they are considered as dead to the world of common men. Many Skull Legionnaires are ex-slaves, criminals, and nobles and commoners on the run. The Alignment of all Legions are Lawful Evil. The role of being a Skull Warrior is a life commitment. Any who run are hunted by the dreaded Skull Legion Assassins, a feared version of the Secret Police.

The Skull Warriors act as bodyguards, caravan guards, duellists, raiders, protectors, border patrols, monster hunters, and treasure seekers. Any magical items found are immediately sent to the legion headquarters for further inspection.

The countries they reside in are:

Alfheim, Darokin, Alphatia, Thyatis, Rockhome, The Broken Lands, Five Shires, The Northlands, Ethengar, Glantri, Minrothad, Ierendi, Karameikos, Atruaghin Clans, and Ylaruam