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Skull Lord

by Bouv

(p. 236 from 4E MM1)

AC -4
HD 10******
MV 120'(60')
# AT 3 (special)
DMG 1d8+2 + 1 point strength drain (restores at 1 point per hour)/1d6+3 & target get pushed down, save vs. spell prevents/2d6+3+ 1 point constitution drain (restores at a rate of 1 per hour)
# Appearing: 1
Special Attacks: Can raise slain undead
Special Defense: If one head is destroyed (brought to zero hit points), the Skull Lord regenerates 2/3 of its hit points. Once two heads are destroyed, the Skull Lord regenerates 1/3 its hit points. Each lost head reduces the number of attacks by one (randomly determined by rolling a 1d3)
Save As: F10
Intelligence: 10
Treasure Type G
Morale: 10
Alignment: Chaotic
XP: 5500