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Slagovich (City-State of)

Location: West of Gulf of Hule, northern region of Serpent's Peninsula. SC

Area: 1,232 sq. mi. (3,190 sq. km.).

Population: 17,300 (mostly humans and a few demihumans).

Languages: Slag, Slagich (dialect of Traladaran).

Coinage: Bright (90% silver, 10% undepleted cinnabryl), fair (98% copper, 2% undepleted cinnabryl), dim (depleted bright), dark (depleted fair). Value: 1 bright = 5 fairs = 50 dims = 500 darks. Silver ingots are used in merchant trades.

Taxes: Unknown.

Government Type: Independent monarchy ruled by a margrave.

Industries: Trade, mining (cinnabryl).

Important Figures: Miosz II (Margrave), Stavro (Leader of the Knights of Halav).

Further Reading: The Savage Coast online document, previous almanacs.

Last Year's Events: None to report.