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Euphemisms and Slang:

by Alex Benson

Look into any military organisation and you will hear all manner of slang, sayings, and other lingo. Being a military based kingdom, there are countless numbers of little sayings that have been thought up by the soldiers. Many of these have bled over into everyday life and can be heard in everyday conversation. Below is a sampling of such jargon. The DM should create a few or look to military history for other examples.

Dyayger's Luck: This is a catch phrase for mishaps that are apparently beyond the control of the victim. No one really knows when and where the catch phrase began. There is also speculation as to if there was ever a Dyayger.
A Caker: Referring to someone, as a Caker is a slanderous term for attacking his or her masculinity or fighting ability. It is often used for those that do not serve in the military.
Fubar or Snafu: Description used when things are going badly or there has been a mistake. Fubar tends to be used as a verb.
Basf: Slang for an idiot.
Tanny: Used to describe someone that has done some heroic or beneficial feat. Tanny is a derivative of Tanneridrigidia, who was one of Randel's minor heroes.
Game: Used to describe anyone displaying skill or cunning.
Merc: Abbreviation for mercenary.
Foreigner: Used to describe non-Randel Alphatians.
Barbarian: Anyone that is not of Alphatia.