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Spells of Slime Mages and Wokani Followers of Jammudaru the Slime lord

by Robin

The following spells are discovered by the sect of Slime Mages and Wokani Followers of Jammudaru the Slime lord. From Dragon Annual 4

2nd Alteration spell
Range: 10 yards per level of the caster
Duration: 1d4 turns
Area of Effect: 30’ cube
Save: Negates
Dormancy causes Green Slimes to “sleep” for 1d4 Turns, ignoring the sensory triggers that normally cause it to drop on passing creatures. The slime “awakens” instantly if fire or extreme cold is applied to it. This spell can also be used on all animals that hibernate and will then last for only 1 Turn. This spell doesn’t work on other slimes or animals.

Liquid Orb Discovered by Wokani Followers of Jammudaru the Slime lord
2nd Conjuration spell
Range: touch
Duration: 1 Turn +1 round/level
Effect: 1 pint per level
Saving Throw: None
Components: a drop of water
When the spell is cast, an orb of non-flammable liquid comes into existence in the caster’s palm and is held by the Mage through a Magical increase in the sphere’s tension. The liquid maintains its spherical shape until released by the caster or until the end of the spell’s duration. The temperature of the sphere is always that of the surrounding air (which must be above freezing 33degrees Fahrenheit and below 70degrees Fahrenheit) and may not be altered except through normal means. The sphere may be thrown, but its accuracy is very poor, (30’ range, -2 to hit) and it does no damage to non-fiery creatures. The sphere may be used to put out fires covering up to four square feet per pint (4 extinguishing points per pint). The orb does 1d4 hp damage per gallon (8pints) to any fire based creatures such as fire Elementals, fire salamanders, etc. The caster may not make a called shot with the sphere, and the liquids can’t be used to blind opponents. This spell may be used to supply the caster with small amounts of fresh drinking water, nonmagical ink, clothing dye, fruit juice, cider, soup, or any other known non-flammable liquid that causes no damage to normal creatures (thus excluding acids, poisons, and alike);be creative !! The spell has an absolute limit of four gallons—a sphere the size of a small beach ball.

Slippery Skin Discovered by Wokani Followers of Jammudaru the Slime lord
1st Alteration spell
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 Turn per level of the caster
Effect: 1 target
Saving Throw: None
Components: a piece of skin from an Amphibian
The creature affected by Slippery Skin exudes a slippery chemical that quickly coats both skin and clothing. Attempts to grapple or constrict the creature are made at -4 penalty. Attacks affected by the spell include those of constricting snakes, wrestling, Trappers, Lurkers, and other creatures or magical items ( such as a rope of constricting) that attempt to bind or constrain the creature. Saving throws or Dexterity checks for avoiding entrapment are made at a +4 (or 20%) bonus. The character also gains a +4 (+20%) bonus to escape from bonds or shackles or to squeeze through tight places.(in fact the character can crawl through small places 1 inch smaller than his width). He will move unhindered by himself, unaffected thus by this spell. But on an area affected by a Slip spell area he can’t getup at all.

Acid Arrow Discovered by Wokani Followers of Jammudaru the Slime lord
1st Evocation spell
Range: 180 Yards
Duration; Special
Effect: One target
Saving Throw: Special
This spell will make the caster regurgitate his or her own stomach acid in such an explosive ray forward that it can affect any one target. This target will sustain 2d4 damage and all objects carried by the target must make a save vs. Acid. Any failure will result in 1 round of Magic reduction (-1 or -1d8 charges per round), and other wise destroy most common items. With ever three levels of experience the acid will last effective 1 round more, and bringing the same amount of damage again. This acid will be neutralized by lots of water or other liquids (at least 1 quart/hp damage done)or when the duration is passed.

Acid Web Discovered by Wokani Followers of Jammudaru the Slime lord
2nd Conjuration spell
Range: 10’
Duration; 24 Turns (4 Hours)
Effect: a volume of 10’ x 10’ x 10’
Saving Throw: None
This spell creates a mass of sticky strands which are difficult to destroy except with flame or water. It usually blocks the area affected. Flames (from a torch, for example) will destroy the web in 2 rounds, but all creatures within the web will be burned for 1d6 points of damage. If used on a siege weapon it will render it useless for the whole duration. Strength can also be used to break free and the stronger the easier the web will be broken. See table. The web can’t be dissolved with acid, but only with lots of water (up to 1liter per level of the caster) or fire. Any being in the web will be burned by the acid for 1 point per round. If someone else touches the web he will sustain 1 point of acid damage also. The acid will stay active for 1d3 rounds after contact, but any water applied to it will stop this “biting” process immediately. Any body in the web can be killed with a single stroke of a sharp or pointed weapon. Any fire used against the web will damage them for half the normal damage done, as if applied directly to them. A siege weapon will be disabled permanently by use of this spell, when the Acid Web resides on the weapon for more than 1 Turn. When the spell ends the strands will slowly dissolve on themselves into a puddle of lowest strength acid.

Magic Web table (any web spell)

Strength (including magic induced) Break free in
24+ destroy web as if it isn't there
22-23 1 round
20-21 2 rounds
18-19 4 rounds
16-17 1 Turn
13-15 1d4 Turns
9-12 2d4 Turns
6-8 2 hours
5 or lower can't

Drop of Slime Discovered by Wokani Followers of Jammudaru the Slime lord
2nd Evocation spell
Range: 10 yards per level of the caster
Duration; 1 round per level of the caster
Effect: One target
Saving Throw: Special
The Drop of Slime is a tiny black, sticky sphere that strikes a target using the caster’s THAC0. The Target may count only Dexterity and Magical item modifiers, not Physical Armor or Magical effects for determining Armor Class. The Drop of Slime splashes over the target’s body, sticking to possessions, limbs, weapons, and armor. The slime is acidic and slowly eats away leather, metal or wooden possessions and skin, inflicting one point of damage every round (a successful save vs. poison indicates no damage each round). Most clothing is destroyed after only 2 points of damage, padded or leather and metal armor loses 1 AV for each 5 points of damage lost. The slime can be removed by 2 flasks of any oil within a single round; lamp oil works fine, but Greek fire takes an extra round. The slime is also flammable and may be burned of , although the Flame inflicts 4d4 points of damage to the target and his possessions in the process. A successful Dispel Magic removes it immediately. Although the Drop of Slime damages any size creature, a single drop is enough to cover a medium sized being(Human)or smaller. If a larger creature is hit, not all of his possessions are affected. Assume a drop has 50% chance of affecting any particular item held by a large (Ogre) sized creature, a 25% chance of affecting an item held by a Huge sized creature( Small Giant), and a 10% chance of touching Giant creatures. The slime will also disable Swimming or flying feathered or hairy animals to swim or fly. If others touch the victim they will not be affected, but also can’t scrape it off.

Resist Slime Discovered by Wokani Followers of Jammudaru the Slime lord
2nd Abjuration
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 Turn per level of the caster
Area of Effect: One target
Save: None
Component a tiny glass shield (which can be reused)
The subject of a Resist Slime is better able to defend against amorphous creatures. Creatures that exude a corrosive acid (such as Ochre Jelly, Gray Ooze, and other related creatures) find that the target’s skin is tougher to dissolve than expected. The target skin Armor Value is considered 4 points better, and any saves made against acids are improved by +2. Anyone affected by the spell essentially feels an extra layer of skin over his or her own. The target’s own skin itches and burns underneath the mystical coating. While the effect is certainly preferable to being dissolved by acid, many people are unwilling to subject themselves to it often. The itching causes no hit points or ability scores loss, but it mighty make the target irritable (CH-4).

Spore Cone Discovered by Wokani Followers of Jammudaru the Slime lord
3rd Evocation spell
Range: 0
Duration: Instantaneous
Area of Effect: 60’ long x 20’ wide cone.
Save: Halves
Component A spore from a Gas Spore or any other fungus or Mold
The Spore Cone resembles the attack of certain Mouldy creatures. When the spell is cast thousands of tiny seed-like spores shoot through the air at high speed, inflicting 1 point damage per level of the caster. Creatures caught in the spell’s effect must also make a saving throw vs. spells or spend the next 2 rounds clearing the spores from their eyes and throat. Any creature killed (that is, reduced to 0 hit points or beyond and not raised or resurrected) by the Spore Cone becomes a host and sprouts Yellow Mold after 3d6 days, negating thus any chance of raising the creature from day 4. A creature that fails its saving throw vs. spells dies 2d8 days later and hosts a new mould 5d6 days after death. A Cure Disease spell removes the spores from the dead creature’s body if cast before the mould sprouts. Non-breathing creatures or creatures with an natural AC of 0 or better suffer one half damage from the spell. Constructs and creatures composed of inorganic matter (like Skeletons, Golems, Elementals, animated Statues and such), are unaffected.

Transmute Slime to Rock Discovered by Wokani Followers of Jammudaru the Slime lord
3rd Alteration
Range: 30 Yards
Duration: 1 round per level of the caster
Area of Effect: One target
Save: Negates
Component A piece of Hardened Lava
This spell is a quick defence used against any amorphous creature. The spell temporarily turns any Slime, Pudding, Ooze, Jelly, or other amorphous creature into plain stone. The caster may then prepare other methods for destroying the creature, move it to a position where it might be used against his enemies, or calmly avoid the creature. This spell is always used to capture the Black Puddings before a Feeblemind Black Pudding spell can be cast on it.

Wall of Gel Discovered by Wokani Followers of Jammudaru the Slime lord
3rd Evocation
Range: 60 yards
Duration: 1 Turn per level of the caster
Area of Effect: 10’x10’x2’ section per level of the caster
Save: None
Component a square of clear glass
The Wall of Gel spell creates a transparent, Permeable wall that protects against winds and gasses. It offers some protection against missile weapons (small only, as they pass through the wall they suffer a -2 penalty to hit) and spells. Evocation spells do not penetrate it, but might destroy it. The wall affects creatures attempting to pass through it as well. Any creatures touching the wall must make a successful save vs. TS or be unable to attack, move, defend, or take any other action for 1d4 turns. Any creature walking through the wall suffers a -2 penalty to its save. Each section is AC 8AV0 and is destroyed if it suffers 24 damage. Sections can be destroyed without affecting other sections, so the Wall may suffer “gaps” and still stand. If the caster chooses when casting the spell, he or she may mentally cause the wall to move at a movement of 1’/round, for 1 round/level of the caster. Since the depth of the wall is hard to determine, enemies might think the caster is driving a Gelatinous Cube before him.

Gelatinous Form Discovered by Wokani Followers of Jammudaru the Slime lord
4th Alteration
Range: Caster
Duration: 1 Turn per 3 levels of the caster
Area of Effect: the caster
Save: None
When this spell is cast, the caster’s composition changes to that of fluid gelatine. The caster may keep his or her own form, change form to any other creature of the same size, or become a shapeless blob. Each change requires one round of concentration and can be disrupted as spellcasting (with the same risks, but the caster can make another attempt the next round). The caster can’t duplicate an individual. In fact, the race of the desired form can barely be discerned; only the general shape with regards to limbs and appendages. In the shapeless blob form, the caster moves like a Black pudding, with the ability to creep under doors or through small cracks. The caster can’t mimic the magical properties of any creatures. He can strike as a Black pudding by extending a Blunt pseudopod, but the damage is only 1d2. While the spell is in effect, the caster suffers one less point of damage from any weapons or natural attacks, since his resilient body absorbs some of the attack. The caster is unable to cast spells except when in his natural form. The weapons that are specially designed to harm or destroy Amorphous Life forms will be normal effective on the caster also.

Slime Guardian Discovered by Wokani Followers of Jammudaru the Slime lord
4th Conjuration spell
Range: caster
Duration: 1 rounds per level of the caster
Area of Effect: The caster
Save: None
Component; a small jar of ointment specially prepared (see recipe)
The spell causes the skin and clothing of the caster to begin to glisten with a chromatic sheen, like a soap bubble in the sun. The wizard is the actually covered with a symbiotic slime creature (from Dimension of Nightmares), protecting him or her from any touch attacks and reducing physical damage from weapons or natural attack by one point. Any touch attacks aimed at the caster affects the slime creature instead, including level drains from the Undead, Petrifying ouch of a Cockatrice, and touch dependant spells(like touch curses or kisses or Shocking Grasps). The Guardian is considered to have one hit point per level of the caster and has 1 Hit Dice per 3 levels of the caster (round down). If it suffers the effects of Petrification or similar life destroying effects, it crumbles away from the caster, its benefits forever negated. The Slime Guardian doesn’t protect against Disintegrate and other such deadly area-effect spell. If the Guardian is killed, it crumbles to small particles which will become liquid and then evaporate (even with temperatures of 100 minus Fahrenheit). Otherwise it can’t be removed unless the spell is dispelled. Area of effects spells might destroy the creature prematurely, although the caster is subjected to an area spell and makes his or her saving throw, the Guardian is supposed to save also (as ½ fighter according to HD).

Other Humanoid spells which are rarely or never found with other races: the Skull of the Dragon King