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Slizzark the Lurker

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patroness of the Kopru, The One Who Waits In Ambush
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 15th (Celestial), NE, Energy
Symbol: an eye with a hypnotic spiral at the centre
Portfolio: kopru, domination of the weak, power, corruption
Worshipped in: Undersea, Thanegioth, cold seas
Appearance: a kopru (a being with a head similar to that of an octopus, with tentacles extend from the mouth, a muscular and squat body equipped with two arms and that terminates with three hooked tentacles in place of legs) with greasy black skin about 3m long, with yellowish claws, protruding eyes with a bluish glare within which are oddly hypnotic flashes, with a gold tiara on her head and a coral sceptre in her hand.
History: Slizzark was the first kopru to develop the capacity of magic resistance, thus ensuring to his descendents the superiority over other races.
PROBABLE THEORY: In effect she was one of the first examples of kopru that earned her freedom and carving out her own dominion following the disappearance of the Serpentine Empire, that comprised the continent of Davania and the Thanegioth Archipelago. Slizzark, unlike the other kopru, developed independently an amazing ability of resistance to magic and a strong ability of mental domination, a power which helped her to surround herself with faithful slaves (both kopru and humanoids like troglodytes and other lizardkin) and build a kingdom based on the adoration of her person. For increasing the number of her subjects and resist the pressure of the nearby enemies, are mated with numerous other kopru, creating an offspring that exhibited all her qualities and who were her subjects from the start, using them to extend her network of power. It was with them that she began the expansion of what would later become the great empire of the kopru (that comprises both the seas and the mainland), and it was thanks to her ability and willpower that Slizzark succeeded to complete the path of the Paragon in the distant 2740 BC (even if she has never wanted to reveal the name of her patron). A few decades after however, came to lack the heart and the brain that has created the pyramid of power of the kopru, the empire well apart following internal rivalry and the golden age of the kopru ended for ever.
Personality: Slizzark is unfaithful and egotistic, but also profoundly indolent, and from when she achieved Immortality was only interested in power and receiving the adoration of her followers. She demands frequent absurd sacrifices to the clergy that worship her with the only aim of exerting power on them: her followers on the one hand are slaves and on the other seek to put into effect the same despotic demands on all those that end up in range of them. For this Slizzark is the enemy of Calitha, who wants to protect the creatures of the sea, and of Sharpcrest, whose kna are targets of the kopru.
Patron: unknown [presumed: Zugzul]
Allies: none
Enemies: Calitha, Sharpcrest
Alignment of followers: Neutral or Chaotic
Favourite weapon: natural weapons (allowed spears and daggers)
Clerics’ skills and powers: +3 bonus to ST vs. spells
Domains: Energy, Evil, Corruption, Slavery
Preferred weapon: half spear
Source: PC3, WotI