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Sundsvall Maelstrom

Location: In the center of the New Alphatian Sea, east of Ionace, north of Aquas. AS

Area: The pull of the maelstrom can be felt for miles away from its central point; the dangerous area is generally considered to be equal to that of former Sundsvall, though this may be myth rather than reality.

Population: None.

Language: None.

Coinage: None.

Taxes: None.

Government Type: Controlled by the Alphatian Empire.

Industries: Two-way transportation between the Floating Continent of Alphatia in the Hollow World and the Alphatian Sea on the outer world.

Important Figures: None.

Flora and Fauna: Some sea creatures venture near the maelstrom, but most avoid it.

Further Reading: Previous almanacs.

Last Year's Events: None to report.