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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patron of Ferocity, Keeper of the Dead

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 12th (Temporal), LE, Thought
Symbol: the shape of a black wolf howling to the moon on the right-hand side of him
Portfolio: lupin, death, ferocity, survival of the strongest, winter, night, nomads, loyalty to clan
Worshipped in: Savage Coast (Dunwick, Hule and Hulean city-states, Renardy), Davania (Jungle Coast), Ochalea, Midlands (Borea)
Appearance: a wolvenfolk lupin with bushy black fur, two red eyes that shine in the gloom like burning coal, a muscular and quick build, pointed white fangs that are often exposed in a threatening grin, dressed in leather armour, a silver dagger and a necklace of goblinoid bones around his neck.
History: PROBABLE THEORY: in his mortal life, Luup was a lupin hunter that lived in the Glantrian region during the Taymor Age. Following the tremendous earthquakes and the nuclear catastrophe that shook the area in 1700 BC, Luup led a large number of his kind in flight westwards, in the attempt of escaping the mortal disease brought by the radiations, and to a new land where they could settle. After years of movement and clashes with the creatures met on their route, the group of Luup arrived beyond the Great Waste in the fertile land of Hule, and here they settled after having conquering with determination their own. It was for this his incredible dedication to the herd, for his unmerciful coldness and for his implacable ferocity that Luup became famous first with the Huleans and then also in the nearby Yazak Steppes, unquestioned leader of the lupin tribes of Hule. Later, after having assured that an equally strong leader followed him to the leadership of his herd, Luup the Black began a long journey with the other tribes of lupin of the Savage Coast in the attempt of inspiring other leaders in his mould. During his pilgrimage he was able to attract to himself many followers and completed heroic deeds thanks to his own cleverness and implacable ferocity, until he awoke the interest of Korotiku. His mortal life ended when Luup, accompanied by his faithful right hand man, entered in the encampment of a goblinoid horde by the border with Hule wearing the pelt of a bugbear, slaughtering the commander of the horde together with his shamans and burning the encampment, executing one by one all the survivors. This epic action completed his journey towards Immortality Luup disappeared in the XVII century BC and was welcomed into the Sphere of Thought by Korotiku, becoming very soon a legend and an Immortal among the lupin of the region and then disseminated his teachings among all the lupin clans of Mystara. Afterwards, with the institution of the official Church of Renardy he was honoured as Saimpt Loup, even if the nomadic lupins continue to worship him as Luup the Black.
Personality: Saimpt Loup is the most ancient and unmerciful of the lupin Immortals and promote the traditional values of the past: nomadism, tribal loyalty, ferocity and survival of the strongest. Loup is associated with winter and night, death and famine, and represents the bestial nature that exists in every lupin. In open contrast with Saimpt Clébard, Saimpt Loup incites the lupin to listen to their blood remaining faithful to the traditions of his own clan, and to follow the way of the warrior and the nomad. The priests of Saimpt Loup are traditionally responsible for the funeral rites, even if presently the followers of Saimpt Clébard have tried to avoid this restriction; indeed the Loupians prefer to bury their dead on the traditional cairns, while the Clebardians (more wealthy) have started to construct marble mausoleums and tombs in which they want all the lupin bones buried.
Patron: Korotiku
Allies: none
Enemies: rivalry with Saimpt Clébard
Alignment of followers: any
Favourite weapon: natural weapons (allowed all small slashing and piercing weapons)
Clerics’ skills and powers: +1 bonus to Strength, +2 bonus to general skills survival and necromancy (not free)
Domains: Thought, Law, Evil, Death
Preferred weapon: natural weapons
Source: SCS, Dragon 237