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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patron of Renardy, Patron of Guardians, Protector of Lupins and Tortles

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 7th (Temporal), LG, Thought
Symbol: a blue shield with a white tower at the centre
Portfolio: Renardy, lupins, tortles, security, protection, guardians, fortresses, sacrifice and martyrdom for the homeland
Worshipped in: Savage Coast (Bellayne, Dunwick, Renardy, Territory of the Tortles)
Appearance: a grey-skinned, fat doggerman lupin with a firm frown, protected by mail armour and armed with a heavy mace, with a tabard that carries the symbol of his order worn with pride. The second form is that of a fat male tortle, with a pointed snout, his shell painted blue with the symbol of the white tower, and a mace in his fist.
History: PROBABLE THEORY: born in Renardy in 470 AC, Mâtin was reared by his father with strong values of patriotism and charity towards the weak. Gifted with a robust and imposing build since he was a young person, Mâtin is always distinguished by his good heart and a certain light heartedness that allowed him to take on any task, besides the more audacious and risky without any fear. In the course of his many travels over the Renardois land for defending the weak and decided finally to become a priest of Maleen (Saimpt Malinois). After years spent in the borderlands defending the lupin colonists from the assaults of the goblinoids and from the effects of the amber lotus plants, Mâtin succeeded to convince many of his brothers and numerous small lords that they needed to remove the problem of the pollen of the amber lotus to avoid future disasters. On the strength of the assistance won with years of service and sacrifice, Mâtin was presented in front of the king and gained from him the assignment of building the defences that have protected the country from the dangers of the north. It was so he designed an ingenious system of locks placed on the River of Dreams for purifying the water and to render secure the area, and Mâtin founded an order with the aim of protecting the construction of the locks. His order was at once put to the test when, following the destruction of many hectares of amber lotus by the lupins for winning the new cultivated land, the Yazi goblinoids attacked Renardy as a response to their escape. It was especially thanks to the contribution of the order of Mâtin that the lupins repulsed the assailants and succeeded to complete the system of locks that purified for always the water of the River of Dreams, rendering the rest of the Renardois plains free from the threat of the lotus. Mâtin fell in the final battle against the (511 AC), and on that site was later built the castle of Roan (Château-Roan), a fortress that became the base of the Order of Saimpt Mâtin, dedicated to the protection of his nationals and to the safeguard of the health of the Renardois. In truth Mâtin didn’t die in that place, but prefers that others him dead to allow him to freely continue the path of the Epic Hero. In the following years there were numerous witnesses to his appearance in Renardy, and this contributed to defend the news of his ascension among the ranks of the saints, so that his order always acquired more importance and he already enjoyed a large number of followers when becoming Immortal at the end of the VI century AC.
Personality: Saimpt Mâtin is worshipped by all the Renardois as the greatest protector of their homeland, and he exhorts his followers to never dishearten and to always defend the weak and the homeland. He is a great friend of Saimpt Ralon, and a good ally of Saimpt Malinois and Saimpt Clébard. In the last century the tortles have started to worship him as Brother Shell the protector, son of Mother Ocean (Calitha) and Father Earth (Ka).
Patron: Saimpt Malinois
Allies: Saimpt Renard (Korotiku), Saimpt Clébard, Saimpt Ralon, Saimpt Malinois
Enemies: Immortal patrons of the goblinoids
Alignment of followers: any; clerics must be Lawful
Favourite weapon: mace (allowed all bludgeoning weapons)
Clerics’ skills and powers: free defensive martial arts skill
Paladins’ skills and powers: +1 to attack rolls vs. goblinoids
Domains: Thought, Law, Good, Protection
Preferred weapon: heavy mace
Source: SCS