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by Sean Meaney

Elf L1; Str 15, Int 13, Wis 10, Dex 10, Con 11, Cha 7; 6hp; AC9;
Skills (5): Alchemy, Music (Woodwind)+2, Read/Write (Elf);
Weapon Mastery (Blowgun(under 2')/Basic, As Poison); Cestus (1d3/Basic)
Background: Passing himself off as a Wandering Musician, Sinestros is an Assassin - or rather intends to become one. He spent some time training in Thyatis as a Gladiator learing the Cestus. He is a bit shy around others and hates forests and dislikes Archery and outdoors being a very Urban individual.
Equipment: Cestus, Flute/Disguised Blowgun, Fine Clothes, Hat, Shoes, Belt, Belt Pouch, Spellbook
Spells: Read Magic, Read Languages
Wealth: 20gp