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20 Years of History in the Sea of Dawn

by Francesco Defferrari from Threshold Magazine issue 11

20 Years of History in the Sea of Dawn

A timeline of the Isle of Dawn, the Alatian Islands, Ochalea and the Pearl Islands as detailed in Wrath of the Immortals boxed set, the Poor Wizard’s Almanacs I, II and III, Joshuan’s Almanac and the Mystara Almanacs from 1014 to 10191

by Francesco Defferrari (Sturm)

1002 AC Ramenhotep XXIII is overthrown by adventurers and popular rebellion after he is discovered to be under the control of a demonic spider. His son becomes the new pharaoh as Ramenhotep XXIV (M5 Talons of Night and Poor Wizard’s Almanacs)

Spring 1005 The Great War is declared between Thyatis and Alphatia, the Isle of Dawn is going to be the first battleground. The pit to the Hollow World in Aegos is destroyed by an earthquake (Wrath of the Immortals boxed set).

Fall 1005, West Portage and Kendach are conquered by the Alphatians, Countess Julia Kendasius is killed in battle, Guildmaster Lareth Kubek of West Portage is executed.

Winter 1006 Redstone besieged, Furmenglaive falls. Caerdwicca resists.

Summer 1007 Newkirk fall, the Archduke Donegal Firestorm falls in battle. General Harantius Lycrandonion is defeated and killed and Redstone surrenders to the Alphatians.

Winter 1007 Ochalea and Pearl Islands declare unilateral independence from Thyatis

Spring 1008 Helskir becomes an Alphatian kingdom under Eruul Zaar and Asteriela Torion.

Summer 1008 The Thyatian fleet repels an initial Alphatian invasion

Summer 1009 Alphatia succeeds in invading mainland Thyatis.

Fall 1009 Thyatis surrenders to the Alphatian army, but later Alphatia is destroyed. King Hastalan the Fair of Ekto disappears.

Nuwmont 10th, 1010 The Thyatian army returns to the western Isle of Dawn. Periandra Docerius is appointed baroness of West Portage. General Deitica Baralius is appointed Governor of Septentriona. Anaxibius and Stefania Torion command the Thyatian army in Redstone, and are later given the territory as County (Poor Wizard’s Almanac I).

Nuwmont 14th, 1010 Thincol recognizes independence of Helskir but secretly encourages Ostlander raids against the country.

Nuwmont 25th, 1010 Thyatian navy attacks Dunadale, the Heldanners attack Helskir

Vatermont 8th, 1010 Heldanners and Thyatians attack Dunadale ports.

Vatermont 11th, 1010 The Thyatian and Mintothaddan navies conquer Aegos in the Alatian Islands.

Vatermont 27th, 1010 Ne’er-do-well allies with the Thyatian empire

Thaumont 13th, 1010 Thyatians conquer Deirdren in Dunadale,

Thaumont 28th, 1010 Thyatians conquer Dunadale city and all the nation. King Tastagarth Lunn escapes to an unknown location.

Flaurmont 9th, 1010 The Thyatian navy conquers Gaity in the Alatians

Flaurmont 25th, 1010 Thyatians attack East Portage, and in exchange for a Thyatian ducal title, King Lornce M'Jozee surrenders the kingdom to the Thyatians.

Klarmont 16th, 1010 Ekto is burned down by its own citizen who refuse to surrender to the Thyatians, and then they retreat toward Trikelios. Townmaster Trumbull, who advised the people to surrender, is killed.

Felmont 12th, 1010 Aeria in the Alatians joins peacefully the Thyatian Empire

Fyrmont 1st, 1010 Thyatians attack Trikelios and are repelled.

Fyrmont 14th, 1010 Helskir calls for adventurers against Ostlander raids

Ambyrmont 19th, 1010 Thyatian wizards poison Trikelios’ waters

Sviftmont 14th, 1010 The Flying Fish, airborne vessel from Alphatia, reaches Helskir.

Sviftmont 20th, 1010 Trikelios falls into Thyatian hands

Kaldmont 22nd, 1010 Thyatians invade Thothia and are repelled by undead.

Kaldmont 27th, 1010 Thyatians start exploring the Great Escarpment

Nuwmont 13th, 1011 Thyatian Admiral Alrigo Gioncardi searches for adventurers to scout Thothia and the Great Escarpment in occupied Trikelios (Poor Wizard’s Almanac II)

Vatermont 13th-14th, 1011 Northwestern Isle of Dawn is hit by a great blizzard. Heldannic armada meant to attack Helskir is almost destroyed.

Thaumont 12th, 1011 Mario’s Marauders terrorize Helskir countryside.

Flaurmont 3rd, 1011 Ostlanders ransack Helskir villages

Flaurmont 22nd, 1011 The Behemoth attacks Minrothaddan ships travelling to Ochalea

Yarthmont 6th, 1011 The earthquake in Aegos is felt in Caerdwicca and vicinity

Yarthmont 15th, 1011 Thyatian settlers arrive in West Portage

Klarmont 15th, 1011 Thyatian troops invade Thothia but are repelled in front of Edairo by undead, drolems, sphinxes and golems.

Felmont 2nd, 1011 Thyatian army retreats from Edairo and is followed and routed by wizards on sphinxes

Felmont 9th, 1011 Barony of Albarocca is established in the Great Escarpment south of Trikelios.

Fyrmont 1st, 1011 The Thothian army marches on Trikelios

Fyrmont 13th, 1011 The Thothians win a naval battle near Trikelios.

Fyrmont 21st, 1011 The Thothian fleet blocks Trikelios Bay.

Fyrmont 26th, 1011 The new Barony of Albarocca remains neutral as the Thothian army marches through its territory toward Trikelios.

Ambyrmont 17th, 1011 Outbreak of mummy rot disease in Thyatis, spread by Thothian spies.

Ambyrmont 19th, 1011 The Thyatian army leaves Trikelios and falls back to Ekto.

Sviftmont 7th, 1011 The Thothian army reaches Ekto.

Sviftmont 11th, 1011 The Thothian navy defeats the Thyatians in front of Ekto.

Eirmont 1st-2nd, 1011 Thothian army attacks Ekto, Alphatian troops retake East Portage from the Thyatians. General Quicklimn is the new ruler of the city. Duke Lornce, who was in Thyatis, escapes to Esterhold. Queen Stillian returns to Trikelios.

Eirmont 20th, 1011 Ottavio Giacomo, Thyatian governor in Gaity, is removed for his mistreatment of Alphatians, who are sent to Esterhold

Eirmont 21st, 1011 The Alphatian crew of the Imperial Eagle, first Thyatian skyship built in Aeria, mutinies and takes control while the vessel is directed to aid the besieged Thyatians of Ekto. The Eagle reaches the city on Kaldmont 4th.

Kaldmont 9th, 1011 The Thothian army attacks Ekto again.

Kaldmont 11th-12th, 1011 More battle at Ekto, both Thyatians and Thothians receive reinforcements.

Nuwmont 5th, 1012 Ekto is attacked again by Thothia. Admiral Alrigo Gioncardi surrenders. (Poor Wizard’s Almanac III)

Vatermont 16th, 1012 Thothia sends truce proposals to Kendach, Redstone and Westrourke.

Thaumont 1st, 1012 Thyatian prisoners in Ekto are released to Kendach.

Thaumont 2nd, 1012 The baron of Caerdwicca encourages piracy against Thothian ships to support Thyatis.

Yarthmont 9th-15th, 1012 The King and Queen of Helskir and the Thyatian rulers of the Isle of Dawn meet in Newkirk, agreeing on declaring their fealty to the Thyatian empire. General Edmondo Tiberia becomes Duke of Dunadale.

Yarthmont 27th, 1012 Stefania Torion of Redstone proposes a treaty to Pharaoh Ramenhotep XXIV of Thothia.

Klarmont 5th, 1012 Peace talks begin in Redstone

Klarmont 13th, 1012 Treaty of Redstone between Thyatis and Thothia assigns the Great Escarpment and Aeria to Thothia, Aegos and Dunadale to Thyatis, Gaity and Ne’er-do-well as independent territories. General Tristan is appointed the king of Ekto by Thothia.

Klarmont 21st, 1012 Emperor Eusebius sends more colonists to the Thyatian areas of the Isle of Dawn.

Klarmont 27th, 1012 The Evander and the Marinos, two Thyatian ships of the navy, desert and turn to piracy in Aeria.

Fyrmont 2nd, 1012 Thothian clerics go to Thyatis to cure the mummy rot disease the Thothians themselves had spread the year before during the war, a move to strengthen the peace treaty between the two nations.

Kaldmont 13th, 1012 Thothia is invited to the new Alphatian Council.

Nuwmont 23rd, 1013 First skyship are produced in Aeria for the New Alphatian Empire (Mystara Almanac 1014)

Thaumont 2nd, 1013 The Evander and the Marinos, Thyatian ships turned to piracy, are captured in the Alatian islands by the Thyatian imperial fleet. (Joshuan’s Almanac)

Thaumont 8th, 1013 Emperor Eusebius establishes an emigration draft, many homeless of Thyatis are shipped to the Isle of Dawn or the Hinterlands. Hopetown is founded in southern Meridiona.

Yarthmont 10th, 1013 Thothia joins the New Alphatian Empire.

Klarmont 11th, 1013 Earthquake kills 75 people in West Portage.

Ambyrmont 13th, 1013 Uprising of forced emigrants in Hopetown, Provincia Meridiona, and abandonment of the colony.

Yarthmont 13th, 1014 Gaity is in chaos between competing barons after becoming independent from the empires. (Mystara Almanac 1014)

Ambyrmont 18th, 1014 Thyatian colonists in the Great Escarpment are attacked by giant spiders and escape to West Portage

Ambyrmont 21st-22nd, 1014 Helskir opens diplomatic relations with the New Alphatian Empire.

Eirmont 5th, 1014 Some Minrothaddan dwarves begin working on the still closed world elevator in Aegos.

Thaumont 15th, 1015 First Alphatian-Karameikan skyship, the Concordia, launched in Aeria. (Mystara Almanac 1015)

Felmont 23rd, 1015 The work of Minrothaddan dwarves at the Pit to the Hollow World in Aegos is hindered by several sabotages.

Ambyrmont 13th, 1015 The Grey Front occupies Serraine while it is over the Isle of Dawn, and hundreds of Serraine’s citizens are ferried out of the city to the nearby Isle, in Septentriona.

Eirmont 13th, 1015 Ostland demands some Thyatian territories in Westrourke, negotiations begin.

Nuwmont 5th, 1016 Strange sightings near the village of Perdidis, in Septentriona, due to the nearby presence of Serraine’s refugees. (Mystara Almanac 1016)

Nuwmont 13th-19th, 1016 Revolt in Dunadale against Duke Edmondo Tiberia. The revolt is quelled and a curfew and pass laws are proclaimed. Deputations are sent to Helskir and Thyatian authorities.

Vatermont 22nd, 1016 Mario’s Marauders on rampage in Hillvale

Thaumont 12th, 1016 Followers of Thothian mysticism disturb a ceremony to Rathanos held by the pharaoh in Edairo.

Thaumont 18th, 1016 Tiberia is deposed on the Emperor’s orders, Dunadale to be joined with Helskir in the Kingdom of Heldun. New talks begin between Alphatia and Thyatis in Helskir.

Flaurmont 2nd, 1016 New treaty of Helskir gives independence to Heldun and returns all the Alatian Isles to the Alphatians. Thyatis starts evacuation of Aegos.

Flaurmont 5th, 1016 Thothian mystics collapse a temple of Rathanos in Edairo, numerous victims.

Flaurmont 12th-13th, 1016 Burrower on the Loose in Aegos, the Thyatians escape

Flaurmont 16th-17th The Burrower attacks the Alphatians as soon as they arrive in Aegos.

Flaurmont 17th, 1016 King Eruul Zaar is killed by monsters in Alphatia, and Queen Asteriela barely escapes the attack.

Flaurmont 20th-27th, 1016 The Alphatians in Aegos find the Pit destroyed by the Thyatians. The agreed Thyatian quarter is not created in response.

Flaurmont 21st, 1016 Westrourke becomes an Exarchate.

Yarthmont 8th, 1016 The Burrower in Aegos confines the Alphatians to Aegopoli.

Yarthmont 18th, 1016 William Hazard, an Alphatian general, arrives in Trikelios to deal with Mario’s Marauders.

Yarthmont 23rd, 1016 The former king of Aegos, Dromedon returns to the island to fight the Burrower.

Klarmont 4th, 1016 The Thothian lich Haptuthep II starts a rebellion against the ruling pharaoh in the village of Anunak

Klarmont 6th, 1016 After two battles with Dromedon, the Burrower apparently disappears from Aegos.

Klarmont 13th, 1016 Gnomes from Serraine encounter the Trueflower elves of the Great Escarpment.

Klarmont 19th , 1016 The Burrower resurfaces in Gaity

Felmont 5th, 1016 Alphatian citizens are attacked in Edairo.

Felmont 7th, 1016 Thyatian settlers arrive in Rialtos, Septentriona.

Felmont 10th, 1016 Thyatian quarter is opened in Aegos.

Fyrmont 9th, 1016 Dromedon banishes the Burrower in Gaity but is apparently destroyed too.

Fyrmont 13th, 1016 Pirates hunted by the Alphatian navy take refuge in Caerdwicca.

Fyrmont 22nd, 1016 The New Alphatian Empire annexes Gaity.

Ambymont 10th, 1016 The lich Haptuthep tries to ally with the hunakoi (stone giants) against the ruling pharaoh, promising to rid them of the araneas.

Ambyrmont 10th, 1016 Dawnsea Concords are signed in Beitung. Ochalea and Pearl Islands return to the Thyatian Empire as Exarchates.

Ambyrmont 14th, 1016 Ne’er-do-well voluntarily joins the New Alphatian Empire.

Sviftmont 18th, 1016 The araneas of the Valley of Kings are attacked by golems raised by Haptuthep.

Sviftmont 26th, 1016 Rulers of Redstone, Kendach and West Portage meet in Redstone to decide how to react to the Thyatian civil war.

Eirmont 19th, 1016 Redstone and Westrourke remain loyal to Eusebius. The rebellious rulers of Kendach and West Portage are arrested.

Kaldmont 2nd-5th, 1016 The Heldannic Knights attack and conquer Helskir.

Kaldmont 12th, 1016 Haptuthep completes the occupation of the Valley of Kings.

Nuwmont 4th, 1017 Pharaoh claimant Haptuthep II gathers followers in the Valley of Kings, Thothia. (Mystara Almanac 1017)

Vatermont 4th, 1017 The Duke of Westrourke announces a project to expand and improve the signalling system of Westrourke to West Portage, Kendach, and Redstone.

Vatermont 11th, 1017 Riots in Edairo are provoked by followers of the banned spider religion.

Vatermont 14th, 1017 Cabal of Thanatos followers reach Rialtos in Septentriona.

Vatermont 20th, 1017 Having secured their positions in Helskir city, the Heldannic Knights start to advance on the countryside too.

Vatermont 26th, 1017 Ramenhotep XXIV sends emissaries to the Alphatian Centre of Disease Control of East Portage to study the body of a werespider.

Thaumont 2nd, 1017 The Heldannic Knights won Battle of Two-Forks Ridge against Heldunian forces south of Helskir.

Thaumont 20th, 1017 Sjofjord is conquered by the Heldannic Knights in Helskir.

Flaurmont 2nd, 1017 The Heldannic Knights conquer the Village of Dawnhaven in Helskir.

Flaurmont 2nd, 1017 Thyatian-Minrothaddan Skothar expedition stops in Beitung, Ochalea

Flaurmont 7th, 1017 Some Thyatian merchants from Albarocca contact Trikelios.

Flaurmont 14th, 1017 Guest Hospice is opened by Thyatians in Seagirt, Pearl Islands

Flaurmont 16th, 1017 Thyatian-Minrothaddan Skothar expedition stops in Seagirt, Pearl Islands.

Flaurmont 27th, 1017 On the fifth anniversary of Eusebius Torion's ascent to the imperial throne Westrourke becomes an Exarchate, as Heldun and Redstone, Furmenglaive is expanded and becomes the Archonate of Meridia. Kendach and West Portage are combined into the Archonate of Hespiria.

Yarthmont 5th, 1017 Thyatian-Minrothaddan Skothar expedition stops in Ne’er-do-well, in the Alatians.

Yarthmont 10th, 1017 Skirmishes near Westrourke between Heldannic knights and Thyatian troops. The Knights are defeated.

Yarthmont 20th, 1017 Electrum is discovered near Rialtos, Province of Septentriona.

Yarthmont 25th, 1017 Philippos Dassinites is proposed as the new Archon of Hespiria in the Thyatian senate.

Yarthmont 28th, 1017 The Army of Heldun leaves Dunadale to attack the Heldannic Knights in Helskir.

Klarmont 3rd, 1017 A Cabal of Thanatos cultists establishes a stronghold in the western portion of the Great Escarpment.

Klarmont 12th, 1017 The hunakoi giants build a wall to protect the Valley of Kings from the Thothian army.

Klarmont 22nd, 1017 The researchers at the Alphatian Center for Disease Control in East Portage create a magical device that can detect lycanthropy.

Felmont 7th, 1017 The Alphatian Navy starts a blockade around Helskir against the Heldannic Knights.

Felmont 14th, 1017 Thyatian trade outpost is established in the unclaimed coast south of the Great Escarpment in the Isle of Dawn, across from Aeria.

Felmont 19th-23rd, 1017 The armies of Heldun and Thyatis advance toward Helskir.

Felmont 20th, 1017 Strange golems attack a Minrothaddan magical vessel near Rialtos.

Felmont 27th, 1017 Mario’s Marauders raid a village in the Hillvale region, followed closely by the Alphatian men of William Hazard.

Fyrmont 9th, 1017 The Heldun and Thyatian armies start a siege of Helskir.

Fyrmont 11th, 1017 Strange golems occupy the ruins of Fjellstue in Septentriona.

Fyrmont 16th, 1017 The Heldun and Thyatian armies begin to assault Helskir’s walls.

Fyrmont 19th, 1017 The Thanatos cultists contact the Barony of Albarocca.

Ambyrmont 7th, 1017 Ennius Necrekis arrives in West Portage leading an expedition to search for pro-Alphatian Thyatians who left the mainland after the revolt of BC 2

Ambyrmont 10th, 1017 After a long battle, the Heldannic Knights are finally defeated in Helskir.

Ambyrmont 17th, 1017 Mario’s Marauders are caught in an ambush by the forces of William Hazard. Mario is captured, to be sent back to East Portage to stand trial for his crimes.

Sviftmont 4th, 1017 Ekto and Trikelios are annexed peacefully by Thothia.

Sviftmont 6th, 1017 Queen Asteriela returns triumphantly in Helskir.

Sviftmont 7th, 1017 The New Alphatian Council is angered by the Thothian annexation.

Sviftmont 13th, 1017 Alphatian troops arrive in Hillvale to discourage the Thothian annexation.

Sviftmont 16th, 1017 In Helskir, collaborators to the Heldannic occupation are executed.

Eirmont 12th, 1017 The Thyatian archaeological expedition led by Ennius Necrekis reaches the phanaton village of Caligaris in the Great Escarpment.

Eirmont 13th, 1017 Julius Ambrosius’s Davanian expeditionary flotilla docks in Seagirt, Pearl Islands

Eirmont 19th, 1017 Several important alphatian agents vanish in the Alatian islands.

Kaldmont 24th, 1017: In the library of Edairo, Ennius Necrekis discovers that Caligaris was indeed founded by ancient Thyatians.

Vatermont 3rd, 1018 After wintering in the city of Seagirt, the Thyatian expedition to Davania led by Julius Ambrosius, lifts anchor to resume its explorations. (Mystara Almanac 1018)

Felmont 19th, 1018 Galatia re-joins Queen Asteriela in Dunadale, after the two friends have been several years apart. They will soon have some encounters with the returned Terari, their former master, about the status of the New Alphatian Empire.
Ambyrmont 3rd, 1018 Several Thyatian military engineers arrive to assist in the improvement of walls and defences at the city of Helskir.

Svifmont 18th, 1018 Economic crisis in the New Alphatian Empire, and shortage of metals

Nuwmont 6th, 1019 Daffyd ap Llewellyn ap Carver, a bard of indeterminate continental origin, arrives in the tiny southern village of Guangtieu, Ochalea. (Mystara Almanac 1019)
Nuwmont 11th, 1019 Banditry by humans and ogres is on the rise on Ochalea.
Nuwmont 13th, 1019
The skyship Eagle takes flight from Edairo, Thothia, heading west over the Great Escarpment.
Nuwmont 17th, 1019 A group of adventurers find an underground complex occupied by bandits in the Dragon Spine Mountains, Shun Province, Ochalea
Nuwmont 26th, 1019 Garrison is slaughtered by unknown assailants in Bohan Province, Ochalea
Vatermont 11th, 1019 The New Alphatian Empire resumes work to re-open the Aegos Pit.
Vatermont 1st, 1019 Monster attacks increase in the countryside villages of Kiang Province, Ochalea
Vatermont 2nd, 1019 The Eagle is returned to Thyatis by the Thothians in exchange for the hulls of some damaged alphatian skyships.
Vatermont 9th, 1019 The Thothian convoy is attacked by a black dragon in the Sea of Dawn and some of the damaged skyships are lost at sea.
Thaumont 1st, 1019 The decision of the exarch to officially make women full citizens is met with stiff opposition in the courts by conservative bureaucrats, nobles and clerics of Ochalea. Thaumont 6th, 1019 Numerous noble parties and interests begin a process of petitioning the royal courts to renegotiate the terms of Ochalean membership in the Thyatian Imperium. Thaumont 11th, 1019 Student demonstrators from many of the finest schools fill the streets, declaring the exarch to be a heretic for his decision to make women equal to men.
Thaumont 13th, 1019 The bureaucrats of Ochalea declare demonstrations of any kind except religious festivals and royal parades to be illegal.
Thaumont 26th, 1019 Many noble women of Ochalea stand up on both sides of the feminine rights debate in the royal courts.
Flaurmont 16th, 1019 Explorers investigating goblinoid bandits in the northern foothills stumble upon ancient city ruins submerged in a valley lake in the Tang Hills, Ochalea.
Flaurmont 24th, 1019 Upon hearing of the exarch's decision to limit polygamy many poor and lower middle class young men spontaneously demonstrate in support of the exarch.
Klarmont 7th, 1019 Master Yao Zhuchin, a honours student at a military academy in the southern Cao province, Ochalea, is revealed to be Miss Yao Su-Xin, the young man's elder sister.
Felmont 4th, 1019 Riots and protests in Ekto and many other alphatian territories due to the economic crisis.
Felmont 15, AC 1019 Master Wu Phong Zhin of Celestial Mountain Harmony Temple declares publicly the discovery of massive underground complexes in the Dragon Spine Mountains, Shun Province, Ochalea
Sviftmont 18th, 1019 Employment plan by the New Alphatian Empire has some success in Aeogs and Gaity
Eirmont 3, AC 1019 The Royal Office of Cultural Conservation arrests Master Zhin and several of his students on charges of conspiracy to create disharmony in Ochalea after is discovered that over a dozen native Ochalean warrior maidens are in the service of the order.
Eirmont 8th, 1019 The Pit in Aegos collapses, killing many workers
Eirmont 19, AC 1019 A number of nobles and respected warriors, having paid the requisite priority fees, petition the exarch in public court to intercede in Master Zhin's case.

1The purpose of this timeline is mostly to highlight the many changes that happened in the Isle of Dawn and nearby lands between the Dawn of the Emperors Boxed set and the Mystara Almanacs, including those written by fans that can be downloaded here:, and to highlight the great work done in the latter.