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The Clan Domain of Sognesholm

by Jacob Skytte

Sognesholm is the smallest of the Ostland domains on Kalslo Island, but is still a fairly large domain. It occupies the eastern tip of that island, and contains six hexes of clear lands. The soil here is good for farming, but the harsh weather still destroys crops from time to time. The domain exports a little food to the other Kalslo domains most years. Many fishermen also ply their trades here. There is no wood to be found in this domain, it is imported from other domains on Kalslo. All visitors are accepted here, but the domain has nothing special to offer, so few travellers stop by. Warriors of clan Sognesholm are sea raiders, who scour the Sea of Dawn for easy pickings.

Head of Domain: Jarl Rollo the Cruel rules Sognesholm. His great hall of Osknes is usually abandoned, as he spends most of his time at his clan hall in Ostmanhaven.

Population: 8000 people live in Sognesholm. Of these 2000 are thralls, 4800 are non-warrior freemen, and 1200 are warriors. 3500 people carry some sort of weapon and will fight if threatened.


Osknes is one of dozens of villages that lie all across the domain. It has a population of 450 people, and is the official seat of power in the domain. Situated at Dybebugt (Deep Bay) it is a fishing village surrounded by farmlands. Jarl Rollo the Cruel's "great" hall is merely a larger than average house with room for his family and personal guard. It lies empty most of the year, as Rollo resides in Ostmanhaven with his family. Sigtrydd Ormson, retainer to the jarl, rules the village in his absence.

Rollo the Cruel

Chaotic 13th level Thief (Str 11, Int 16, Wis 13, Dex 17, Con 9, Cha 14, AC 0, hp 33)

Personality Traits: Cautious/Rash 14/6, Generous/Greedy 3/17, Courageous/Fearful 4/16, Forgiving/Vengeful 1/19, Honest/Deceitful 5/15, Trusting/Suspicious 4/16

34 years old, Shoulder-length brown hair, Always clean-shaven, Dark brown eyes

Rollo is a cousin of jarl Thorir the Wealthy of Ostmanland, and they grew up together. He has always been very ambitious, and at one time wanted that jarldom as his own. Thorir turned out to be one of a very few people that Rollo actually liked, so he ended up settling for the neighbouring domain of Sognesholm, which he married his way into, poisoned his wife, and took control of. Ruling Sognesholm turned out to be too dull and gave too little profit, so Rollo returned to Ostmanhaven. Here he maintains a clan hall, which is also the secret headquarters of the thieves' guild.

Rollo is a big man, when his personal entourage of loyal bullies backs him, but he's quick to disappear if in any personal danger. He is always careful about who he lets close to himself, and prefers simple bullies to intelligent men, who might be too ambitious. Rollo is a compulsive liar and braggart, who fabricates stories and deeds at a whim to impress those around him.

Wherever Rollo goes, he carries a razor that he stole from a foreign merchant many years ago. He is fond of interrogating people while shaving his chin and having his men turn the rack. Rollo sometimes uses this razor to slit people's throats (backstabbing), especially if they have slighted him in some way (Rollo never forgets an insult). He is rarely without his leather armour+3 called "Mørkets Ven" (Friend of the Dark) and a ring of protection+2 called "Held" (Luck).

After returning to Ostmanhaven Rollo married a beautiful girl, Thyra the Vain (23). Rollo is extremely jealous and possessive, and keeps an eye out for flirtatious fools, who are marked for later "interrogation." They have two children: Halldis Thyrasdottir (3) and Fjolnir Rolloson (2).

Thyra (Chaotic Normal Woman; Modest/Proud 3/17, Generous/Greedy 3/17, Courageous/Fearful 3/17) is an extremely beautiful young woman, who married Rollo for his money and power. She often has merchants showing her their wares at the clan hall in Ostmanhaven, and is known for her ever-changing wardrobe. She is subservient to her husband, whose anger she fears to rouse, and is satisfied with her current position, though she'd like to seduce Thorir the Wealthy, jarl of Ostmanland, who has even more power and money.

Sigtrydd Ormson

Chaotic 6th level Fighter (Str 17, Int 7, Wis 5, Dex 13, Con 14, Cha 4, AC 3, hp 32)

Personality Traits: Modest/Proud 2/18, Peaceful/Violent 5/15, Generous/Greedy 4/16, Energetic/Lazy 3/17

46 years old, Sparse black hair, Brown eyes

This old warrior is a retainer to jarl Rollo the Cruel. He was a warrior of clan Sognesholm, when Rollo married into the clan, and was quick to join him after the tragic death of the jarl's wife. Sigtrydd thinks that he is being rewarded for his loyal service with his current position, but actually Rollo has all but forgotten about him. Sigtrydd is a bully, who enjoys prancing around the village, beating people up for imaginary insults, and having his way with any female thrall who catches his eye.

Sigtrydd feels secure that Rollo will protect him from harm, though this is actually highly unlikely. The fact remains that he is a tough warrior, who most people can't cope with, and it can be dangerous to cross one of the jarl's men, anyway. He is called "the Cruel" for a reason after all. So the folks of Osknes try to keep their distance from Sigtrydd and ignore his depredations. Sigtrydd believes this to be a sign of the respect they hold for him.

Sigtrydd usually wears a chain mail+1 and carries a battle axe. He is unmarried, but has several children, none of whom he'll ever recognise as such.