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Mystaran Solar System

by Daniel Boese

The Mystaran Solar System, according to the Immortals Rules, updated with Spelljammer information: - -name (size)- -Diameter- -Distance- -Other-
sun (H) 864,000 mi. 0 Fire
"Venus" (E) 7,581 67,000,000 Earth, hot
Mystara (E) 7,926 93,000,000 Earth, hollow, 2 moons
"Mars" (E) 4,200 141,000,000 Earth, cold
Damocles (E) 6,103 257,000,000 Earth, civilisation
"Jupiter" (G) 88,670 484,000,000 Air
"Saturn" (G) 75,062 887,000,000 Air, rings
"Uranus" (F) 29,577 1,783,000,000 Air
"Neptune" (F) 27,589 3,230,000,000 Air
Charon (E) 5,320 7,105,000,000 Earth, cold
Comet Belt (A) - 1.4x10^10 Air, Belt

Note: Damocles is destined to explode, in 1000AC's future. It's fragments form an Asteroid belt, while the largest two pieces shoot off and become "Mercury" and "Pluto". Other pieces become the gas giants' retrograde moons.

IMC, Damocles went during the WotI, as it's civilisation's technology bore a striking resemblance to Blackmoor's.. and one of the smaller pieces crashed into Mystara, forming the Great Crater.