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Sollux timeline

by Håvard

Here's a draft for a little timeline:

30.000 BC The Elemental Wars.
Friendly relations and trade between the elemental planes come to an end and each plane is purged for non-native elementals. Quasi-Elementals become all but distinct. Terra becomes an Immortal after fighting in these wars. Zugzul gains favour on the Plane of Fire.

10.000 BC Brotherhood of the Sun
With the Elemental Wars having come to an end, Civil War breaks out on the Plane of Fire, pitting Helions against Efreeti. Solluxes who are of mixed Efreet and Helion blood are driven out of the Plane by the Efreeti, forced to relocate on the Prime Plane. Many settle in Volcanic regions on Mystara. Mystara's Glacial Period gradually comes to an end.

4.400 BC Ordo Elementarum
Elves of the Ordo Elementarum explore the Inner Planes and begin to formulate theories of how the multiverse is connected (BMPG)

4.000 BC Blackmoor Era
The Afridhi set out on their quest to find the Well of Souls. Their patron Zugzul sends an army of Efreeti to aid the Afridhi. This draws the attention of the Sollux, lead by Kridor, one of their most famous knights. The Sollux fought the Efreeti on the Barrens of Karsh, allowing humans to eventually destroy the unholy artifact. Kridor becomes the new Grand Master of of the Sollux and retreats to the Yellow Realm. (DA4)

3.000 BC The Great Rain of Fire
The Great Destruction opens a new era of elemental strife as Immortals of various factions fight among each other. The elemental upheavals last until 1700BC (causing the destruction of Taymora, lizardmen and possibly Tangor and Dravi civilisations), when a new truce is established and the Immortals avoid further direct interventions in the world;

A870? AC
Claude Ambreville contacts Solluxes to battle Efreeti (X2)

1000 AC Gazetteer Era
Current Era. Hyperbius is the Grand Master of the Brotherhood of the Sun during this era. (Twilight Calling)

How does this sound so far?

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