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A couple of items

by Kevin Turner

Potion of Flaming Death
cost: 6000 gp

A foul-smelling mixture of lamp oil, alcohol, the raw innards of explodestool and the toxin-sacs of any flame-spewing creature, this potion is basically the equivalent of exploding, boiling pitch.

It is invariably found in easily shattered vessels (ceramic and glass) and its stoppered top holds a wick. It must be shaken and the wick lit, then thrown. Impact produces a concussive explosion which does d6+6 to all things in a 15-foot radius and covers them in this sticky, highly-flammable liquid. The liquid burns for d6 rounds and does d4+2 damage per round. Water will not douse the flame, only smothering will work.

All non-metal materials struck by the spewing liquid are rendered useless, including hide and leather-based armours. The liquid soaks quickly into such materials and makes them highly flammable ever after (for some role-playing fun, this also includes garments worn under the armour...flaming skivvies, anyone?).

This stuff is, of course, instantly fatal (saving throw vs. poison) if swallowed. However, the presence of a wick and the noxious stench ought to be good clues that this stuff should not be quaffed.

Nevvitz's Pea Shooter

This misnamed object is a meter-long clay tube with a white arrow inscribed on the top. It is mounted on a tripod, and swivels 360 degrees. It is worthless until a lead ball, about the size of an orange, is put in the end opposite the point of the inscribed arrow. When the command word ("mush!") is spoken, the magic of the device propels the lead ball at an alarming speed, sufficient to blow through the interior and both sides of hull of a full-sized ship of war. In the open field, it shoots downrange approximately 700 meters. Crosswinds have very little effect on the projectile. The Shooter radiates a strong magical aura. Due to the strong nature of the propulsion, the charges the Shooter can hold are very limited, to a maximum of four.

Invented mainly for use in ship-to-ship combat, this nasty item is currently mounted on the starboard railing of the "Life of Luxury." Among several practical items to his credit, it is one of the brainchildren of the wandering troublemaker, Evar Nevvitz, as a gift to Captain Evelyn Worthmilling for their romance during a voyage.