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Assorted spells

by Shawn Stanley

Magic User spells - Level 2

Imitate Sound

Range: caster only

Duration: 1 turn plus 1 round/level of caster

Effect: creates a sound

Description: With this spell the caster can imitate and sound that he or she has heard in the last day, plus 1 hour per level of the caster. Human voices cannot be imitated with this spell, but the sound of any creature; normal, giant, fantastic, undead; may be imitated along with any other sound. Even sounds not within the hearing range of the caster may be imitated if the caster knows that such sounds have been made within the time indicated above. At the time of casting the caster brings to mind the sound or set of sounds that he or she wishes to imitate and this sound may be imitated any number of times during the duration of the spell. The sound or sounds imitated may be as long as desired, for example a musical score. Any creature or being within hearing range of the sound has a chance of disbelieving the imitated sound as per the table below, based on that beings intelligence.

Intelligence Percent
20 and above 100
17 - 19 70
13 - 16 40
9 - 12 20
8 and below 0

The percentage chance for a being to disbelieve the sound reduces at a rate of 2% per level of the caster.

Use: This spell is generally a defensive spell which can be used to scare of people or creatures with the sounds of some ferocious beast or other. For a low level magic user who is need or extra copper this spell may be used as part of some sort of sideshow event. This spell can also have interesting effects if used with the spell Ventriloquism.

Disclaimer: I apologise if this spell is similar to any other spell previously created. It may, on reflection, be similar to some sort of AD&D illusionist spell but it is a D&D spell.

Magic User spells - Level 3

Gnighmen's Undeniable Truth

Range: touch

Duration: 1 turn

Effect: forces one other being to answer one or several questions truthfully

Description: To cast this spell the caster must touch the recipient, if the recipient is an unwilling one then a to-hit roll must be made. Once cast the recipient of the spell must answer a number of questions, depending on the table below, that the caster asks. The recipient is not forced to answer the question by the spell, but if they choose to answer then they must answer the question truthfully. The definition of truth understandably only extends as far as the recipients perception of the truth exists, though if the recipient knows nothing about the thing question then if they answer they must answer that they know nothing. The questioner must be caster of the spell and no effect is gained by questions being asked by any other person. The spell does not give the ability for the casters question nor the recipients answer to be understood, other means must be used to ensure this if needed. The number of questions which are allowed within the duration of the spell is dependant on the recipients intelligence depending on the table below.

Intelligence Number of Questions
20 and above 10% chance for one question
18 - 19 50% chance for one question
16 - 17 one question
13 - 15 two questions
9 - 12 three questions
6 - 8 four questions
1 - 5 five questions
0 is the recipient capable of contact?

Use: The spell seems to have an obvious use, especially if it can be cast without the knowledge of the recipient, though if this occurs then it may be difficult to get a person to answer a second question once they realise that they answered the first question truthfully against their will. Because of this other people, for example burly fighters may be needed to "help" the recipient answer the questions of the caster. Once the allotted number of questions have been asked additional questions need not be answered truthfully but the recipient, by this time, may believe the spell to still be in effect and therefore answer additional questions truthfully - the occurrence of this is up to the DM and should be based upon the intelligence and exposure to magic of the recipient.

Disclaimer: As above I apologise if this spell is similar to another spell in print. The idea for this spell was gained from a magic item in the module X2 Castle Amber.

Druid spells - Level 3


Range: 120 feet

Duration: instantaneous

Effect: causes a phase change in water from solid to vapour

Description: This spell causes a volume of ice up to 50 metres cubed to change from ice into water vapour. The shape of ice which undergoes sublimation may be as complicated or simple as the caster desires.

The reverse of this spell, sublimation, changes water vapour into ice up to a volume of 50 metres cubed.

Note: Regardless of which effect is desired the resulting water phase will begin to naturally change back if the conditions are right. That is, if you are in a polar region on water when this happens then the water will re-freeze, likewise if you make ice in a jungle type region this ice will instantly start to melt. It should also be noted for the vapour to solid version of the spell that enough water vapour is present to perform the spell, therefore in a desert region there will unlikely be enough water vapour present to form very much ice at all.

Use: In temperate regions the change from vapour to solid can be used to create an effective barrier for an amount of time whilst in polar regions the barrier becomes more permanent. In polar regions the change from solid to vapour is of obvious use for clearing a way for boats to travel or even for clearing obstacles in overland travel. The one problem though for the former suggestion is that the water will re-freeze. To overcome this a player need only throw salt into the water thus reducing the freezing temperature of the water, alternatively a character may research a spell to do this over a wider area than the characters can throw to though this spell would be only a first level spell or if you're using AD&D rules perhaps only a cantrip.

Disclaimer: This spell may seem like the magic user transmute-a-to-b type spells though since sublimation is a natural process I decided to make this a druid spell. Also because sublimation is a natural process the spell level is lower than transmute spells. If you want this to be a magic user spell I would suggest perhaps a fifth level spell though I would not suggest that this should be done.