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Bargda - Sorrow Lasts

by Giulio Caroletti

The few Bargda scattered themselves in all directions of Brun. They never managed to reach other continents, and they are unheard of in Davania and Skothar. Moreover there are not Bargdas in the Hollow World.

After Eritteus' disappearance and Ixion's curse, the new race that once were known as the Wingless remained uncertain on what to do. Most of the Bargda (a term that in their own language means more or less "shunned") thought that Eritteus had been right all the way. The Immortals had punished them because they had refused to bend to their unjust rule and had quested for a new place where they could live in peace. Many Bargda interpreted this, through the generations, like an encouragement to live miserable lives, first to hide themselves from the Immortals and their evil, and then just for a habit. Nowadays the Bargda live sad and meaningless lives, without even knowing why, hiding for all their existence from any creature, raiding, killing randomly, without understanding anything apart trying to flee from harm. The Bargda are very few; they do not number more than 20'000 units all over Brun. They are vicious creatures, some solitary, others living in small family groups, or dominating humanoid creatures like ogres, trolls, and hill giants. They raid others and are especially fond of treasures, which they believe mark how successful and mighty they are. Mated pairs give birth to weaklings that hardly survive their first years of birth; the few adults die around 40 or 50, debilitated by their terrible curse. There are no nations or clans of Bargda, with few exceptions.

The most notable is the City of Light. This small Bargda settlement of 1,600 is built in one of the many secluded valleys of the Endworld Spine, and is settled by Bargda that live peacefully, following the words of Ixion. They live in harmony with nature and are a benevolent and patient race that believe in the future. These Bargda call themselves the Waiting Ones. They wait for Ixion to accept their new lives of respect and repentance, and have done for many centuries. The Waiting Ones have been comforted through time with the increase of the clerical skills of their priests, and, given their refusal of violence and the healing spells, they are able to live up to 60 years. Although they suffer like any Bargda, their suffering and their lives are not in vain. Moreover, they have a long-term goal, and all the community strives hard to reach it.