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The Fighting Orders of Nentsun - B. Sacred school of the Southern Cross

by Giulio N Caroletti

There are 36 fighting orders subject to the six Masters of the Southern Cross, that are known as the Stars of Nentsun. These orders form the Sacred School of the Southern Cross, protected by the Immortals of Matter and Time, and representing order, continuity through changes and preservation. The Monastery of Nentsun is formed by 36 buildings, forming a circle, each devoted to one of the orders. A large iron gate surrounds the complex, and there is one entrance corresponding to each building: thus the name "Guardians of the 36 Gates of Nentsun" that is given to the Fighters of the School. Thirty of the orders have 10 fighters, for a total of 300 Fighters; the remaining six orders are made only of a Master and of their Heir. The Southern Cross is a lawful school, highly organized. In the central plaza surrounded by the 36 order buildings is the central Temple of Nentsun, where all the Masters have a personal apartment and stay to discuss and direct the School's activities.

Southern Cross Fighter
Class: Fighter or Cleric
Race: Human (all schools), Half-Elf and Elf (some schools)
Requisites: STR 8, INT 10, DX 13, COS 6
Alignment: No chaotic.
Weapon proficiencies: a Southern Cross Fighter can become proficient in any weapon he wishes
Special Benefits: a Southern Cross Fighter gains automatically the Boxing and Martial Arts proficiencies. However, they learn particular techniques that allow them to fight barehanded at terrific speed and even to use the air vibrations to inflict more damage. This means that they have 2 attacks per round when attacking through Martial Arts or Boxing, and are able to do 1d6 additional points of damage. Each order has also its special attacks. Contrarily to the Bear, all the fighters of the Southern School learn the same techniques: this happens because of the different school philosophy (chaos and creativity of the Bear, order and tradition of the Southern Cross). It's up to the individual DMs, or players, or Mystaran Mailing List Members to create the 30 sub-schools. The general structure of the Orders should be as follows: each order has 2 minor fighting abilities (gained between levels 1 and 9), 2 appropriated clerical spells (gained between levels 4 and 12), 1 major fighting power (gained around level 15). Like the ones associated with the School of the Bear, the fighting abilities are effective only against unarmoured opponents, and can be used only when wearing leather armour (or lighter).
Special Hindrances: due to the speed needed to attack with their special techniques, these form of attack may be used only while wearing leather armours or no armour at all. A Southern Cross Fighter that is not a Master or a Heir cannot advance past 16th level (AD&D). A Southern Cross Fighter that leaves the Lands of Nentsun will lose 1/2 of his experience points. If he returns back he doesn't gain the XPs back. This fact is known to the Fighters, who are told so by their teachers during the apprentice years.