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Specularum Population Numbers

by AllanP and Giampaolo Agosta from Threshold Magazine issue 21

The last accurate census of Specularum’s population was taken in AC 9851; at that time the city was home to about 50,000 inhabitants. Recent work by members of the Scriveners’ Guild has estimated the current population (in 1000 AC) to total approximately 62,5002. Based on their observations and calculations, the Guild has tabulated the breakdown of the city’s population by district and race as shown in the accompanying tables. Note that these figures are estimates, largely at the District level with calculated percentages of the racial breakdown.

From the figures compiled by the Guild, 61% of city’s inhabitants are of Traladaran origin, residing primarily in the Old Quarter, the Nest and South End districts, but also with significant numbers in North End, the Merchant District and Bricktop. Thyatians form about 12% of the population and mainly reside in the Merchant District, Bricktop, North End, South End and Church District.

Perhaps surprisingly, the number of “New Karameikans” represents about 14% of the citizenry. This group are those of mixed Traladaran/Thyatian heritage. While some arose during the previous decades of Thyatian Occupation, it is since Duke Stefan took leadership of the nation that significant growth (and openness) in Traladaran/Thyatian integration has prevailed, and it is through this new generation that they have been dubbed “New Karameikans”. These mixed-heritage inhabitants tend to be found in the same city districts as their Thyatian brethren.

All other races total to approximately 13% of the city’s denizens; about the same number as each of the Thyatian and New Karameikan groups. This category is made up largely of dwarves, hin, Darokinians, Ierendians and Minrothaddans in more or less equal numbers. The majority of these races take residence in the Foreign Quarter and Traders Corridor districts. Although it should be noted that the numbers here are quite volatile due to the ongoing travels of non-natives to and from other nations of the Known World.

Table 1: Estimated population by District:

City District/Race Traladara New Karameikan Thyatian Other Totals
The Nest 9700 300 0 0 10000
Old Quarter 11875 625 0 0 12500
South End 8950 1850 1177 23 12000
Stronghold 960 96 144 0 1200
The Hill 672 176 704 48 1600
Merchant District 1900 2000 1750 350 6000
North End 2500 1250 1200 50 5000
Bricktop 1156 1010 1224 10 3400
Church District 95 1240 1150 15 2500
Foreign Quarter 280 0 140 6580 7000
Traders Corridor 130 0 0 1170 1300
Total 38218 8547 7489 8246 62500

Note that while the Scriveners' Guild calculations result in a value of zero for some races in some districts, there may be a handful of these races present in the relevant districts' these are calculations, not exact census counts.

Table 2:Estimated breakdown of minor racial groups in Specularum. The majority reside in Traders’ Corridor and the Foreign Quarter

Dwarves 1722
Hin 1715
Darokinians 1595
Ierendians 1249
Minrothaddans 1232
Elves 478
Ylari 212
Other 43
Total 8246

1 As indicated by GAZ1: “The Grand Duchy of Karameikos” pg.36; the text also states that the population figure is “… certainly greater now”.

2 This estimate for the AC 1000 population level also takes account of the figure of 70,000 given in “Karameikos: Kingdom of Adventure” (Explorers’ Guide pg 10) for the year AC 1010 - suggesting a net increase of 20,000 over a 25 year period.