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AC971 The Siege of Specularum

by Sean Meaney

It is the year nine hundred and seventy one (a.c.). The Thyatian Duke Stephan Karamiekos III, having traded his Duchy for the territories of Traladara, has bypassed the Port of Marilenev that sits at the river entrance and made for the Guild Port Town of Specularum where he begins landing Troops.

At this time Specularum has a population of some five thousand assorted People mostly Traladaran. Outraged by this foreign usurper the Merchant Guild (run by the Radu) see an opportunity to eliminate this Duke and throw off their Thyatian Shackles.
Unfortunately as they plot and plan, the Marilenev begin calling up an army of Peasants to back their Heavy Horsemen as well as their four small Galley ships now armed with Huge Engines of war begin a Siege of the City. Within two weeks of Karameikos landing at Specularum, The City is Besieged from the Land and Sea.

This might be a possibility soon. I've started work on a Poor Wizards Almanac sized Gazetteer for the Grand Duchy of Karameikos (AC970-AC1000).

Adventure events in the Gaz will be:

970 - The Caves of the Bugbears in which dozens of Men will be lead by Von Hendriks to clear out the ten mile long network of caves. The event that leads to his being granted a Barony.

971 - The Marilenev Rebellion in which a full on war will be fought in the City of Specularum, as well as some Aftermath events in the Fortified Town of Krakatos.