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D&D3E Stats for Specularum

by Joaquin Menchaca

Specularum (Large City): standard; AL LN; 225,000 gp limit; Assets 756,000 gp; Population 63,480; Mixed (90% human*, 7% elf**, 2% halflings, 1% other***)

Authority Figures:
- Lord Lucas Tormandros, the Townsmaster, male human War5;
- Duke Stefan Karameikos III, male human Ftr11/Art4

Other Notable Figures:
- Aleksander Torenescu, leader of the Torenescu clan, male human Art2;
- Boris Torenescu, Torenescu clan, male human Art2/War2;
- Anton Radu, leader of the Radu clan, male human Rog12;
- Philip Vorloi, leader of the Vorloi clan, male human Ftr2/Exp2;
- Lord Dmitrios, Prince of Beggars, male human Rog2/War3;
- Aleksyvev Nikelnevich, Patriarch of the Church of Traladara, male human Clr11;
- Sergyve, Cult of Halav, male human Clr9;
- Lord Olliver Jowett, Patriarch of The Church of Karameikos in Specularum, Master of the Order of the Griffon, human male Clr16

* 66% Traladarans, 27% Thyatians, 17% mixed/other
** 98% of elves are Calarii, 2% other
*** 60% dwarves, 40% gnomes