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Specularum City Guard

by Damon Brown

GAZ1 states that the Guard Phorsis has 4 companies spread across the city in 8 guardhouses with 1 squad each and 4 guardhouses with 2 squads each. This would mean that there are 12 guardhouses in Specularum. The key for map confirms this (as does the one for K:KoA), stating that it shows 8 of the 12 guardhouses (entry #8). I, however, can only locate 7 of these 8 guardhouses: The Riverfort, one at the Sea Gates, The Hightower, one at the North Road gate, one at Coastal Road gate, one at the Farmer's Road gate, and one at the Westron Road gate. Am I just blind, or are there really only 7 shown? I would assume they meant to put one at the Dukes' Road gate but there's no symbol there (on either map).

Above and beyond this, there should be (at least) 4 more guardhouses in the city that have never been given a location. This led me to try to organize the unit somewhat as I placed the other guardhouses:

1st Division, Specularum City Guard
aka "Guard Phorsis"
Captain - Mikel Bartok
 1st Company, Eastguard
  Lieutenant - Reuben Fausto
  The Hightower (2 squads)
  The Sea Gate
  Merchant Quarter Guardhouse
 2nd Company, Northguard
  Lieutenant - Darja Kartashkin
  The Riverfort (2 squads)
  Duke's Road Gate
  North Road Gate
 3rd Company, Westguard
  Lieutenant - Roland Kessler
  The Hill Guardhouse (2 squads)
  Westron Road Gate
  Farmer's Road Gate
 4th Company, Southguard
  Lieutenant - Anna Nemetorius
  Southend Guardhouse (2 squads)
  Old Quarter Guardhouse
  Coastal Road Gate