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The Inns and Taverns of Specularum

by Sean Meaney

The Rattlebone Inn
The Rattlebone sits on Rattlebone Lane in a poorer part of Specularum. It has a small selection of Ales and Meals and Many honest and not so honest people frequent it on a regular basis although it is not as notorious as the Blue Water Mead Hall down toward the Harbour. It has a small kitchen and caters to perhaps forty people at most each evening. Of some note is the Waste pit that dumps straight down into a network of Tunnels that are being secretly dug by criminals of all persuasions beneath this part of the City (see B9: In search of Adventure).

The Blue Water Mead Hall
The Blue Water caters to the many folk working in the Harbour as dock hands, rope makers, sailwrights, and boat builders. Although it caters to a rough working-class crowd, it is a front for the underground complexes of the Veiled Society, A major Criminal Network active in the City (see B6 Veiled society or B9 In Search of Adventure).