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Arcane Amalgamation

by Katana One

Arcane Amalgamation [General]

You can combine smaller spell slots into larger ones, and split larger spell slots into smaller ones.

Prerequisite: Ability to prepare arcane spells.

Benefit: A spellcaster may re-distribute his spell energy. For purposes of this feat, 0-level spells are treated as half-level spell slots. Using this feat, a larger spell slot can be broken up into as many smaller ones as possible, and smaller slots can be combined into larger ones. For example, two 0-level spell slots can be combined to make a single 1st-level spell slot, or a 3rd level spell slot can be divided into one 1st-level slot and one 2nd-level slot. This feat is used at the same time the spells are prepared, and the new spell slots may not be changed until the next time you prepare spells.

You cannot use Arcane Amalgamation to gain access to spell levels above those you can normally cast, nor may you combine spell slots from different spellcasting classes. Arcane Amalgamation will never allow more than a 50% increase in the number of spells per day of any given spell level. For example, if a wizard can usually cast 2 fifth level spells per day, this feat would allow no more than 3 fifth level spells per day. Spells that are not prepared may not benefit from this feat. Bonus spells, domain spells, and spell-like abilities cannot be affected with this feat. Unallocated spell slots are lost.

Special: This Feat can only be learned at the Great School of Magic in Glantri, or by studying under an alumni of the school who has the Feat.

This ability originally appeared in a slightly different form called Spell Combination in GAZ3: The Principalities of Glantri.