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Amazon spells

by S. Lentz

Mellissa's Moonbeams:

3rd level conjurer/evocation spell
Range: 60 feet during twilight and 120 feet during darkness +30 per level
Casting Time: instantaneous
Duration: see below
Area of Effect: One creature per 3 beams
Saving Throw: yes, see below
Components: V,M,
This spell was created for the specific purpose of attacking night creatures when there most powerful (night). Doing this by either destroying them or disabling them.
This spell can only be cast in darkness or twilight during night-time (i.e. if your even in a dark room during daytime it does not work if your in a room with any sort of lighting it works). for every three levels of the caster 3 "beams are shot from the palm of the casters hand at the desired target as long as its in range. The beams must travel in a straight path at the target and any object that is not clear or translucent destroys the beams ( i.e. this would be a stone wall), a translucent object (i.e. fog) lessens the damage by half, and a transparent (i.e. air) has no effect.
Any items hit by a beam glow for one round per beam that successfully hit the object. Any monster similar to a shadow that is attacked by this spell and makes a successful saving throw only glows and can be seen as if in a continual light spell, if the saving throw is unsuccessful and a successful attack is made for the beam it causes 1d8+1 (+1for every 3 levels, i.e. 6th level wizard would deal out 1d8+2) per successful beam. If a successful attack is made against a creature that normally receives a -1 to attacks in sunlight (i.e. a were wolf) receives a -1 to all attacks per beam that hit the target(note a attack roll must be made for each beam) if the saving throw is not made if the saving throw is made the target is not affected. For creatures who are normally destroyed by sunlight (i.e. a vampire) are only paralysed (since this is just magical light) for 1d4 turns for every successful beam (there is no saving throw granted for this type of encounter).
The verbal component should be something with lunar in it and the material component is a small hand held highly polished mirror with a word having to do with moon inscribed on the back which is held in the palm of the caster(this is where the beams come from).

Thalanders Horrific Howling

2nd level illusion/phantasm spell
Range: spellcaster
Casting time: instantaneous
Duration: 3 rounds for every 2 levels of the spellcaster
Area of effect: 120 foot radius around spellcaster
Saving Throw: none ( a successful intelligence check negates the effects of then spell)
Components: V, M

This spell was to scare away unwanted visitors before they attack and has proven quite successful over the years.
When cast this spell creates a very close noise of the most fearsome known predator in the area ( i.e. forest wolves note this should be based on what the spellcaster knows of the area) that the spellcaster knows of or makes up. this is where the check comes in at, if the caster doesn't then the caster likely to make a unbelievable sound of a creature or of a creature that doesn't live in that region, so the attackers are more likely to know if its fake or not.
The basic spell is simply noise(2nd level) the second is visual such as eyes (4th level) and the last is a quasi real object of that creature (8th level spell). (note: that for each additional "trait" the intelligence must be boosted one level i.e. to avoid the 8th level version you must at least be of very intelligence)
The effect of this spell is 2nd level and 4th level is fear the 8th is any damage caused by the object and possible system shock from the attack along with fear.
The verbal component is something like "attack my minions"