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Spell Variation

by Barry Clarke

Suggestion of Variation regarding Schools/Specialists of Magic Note: This is based on the Wizards Compendium/Players Option Spells and Magic systems and expanded schools. You like it you can modify it, your choice, your Mystara.)

Table 1: General/Philosophy
1 Any spell a Mage can use.
2 Abjuration
3 Alteration
4 Conjuration/Summoning
5 Divination
6 Enchantment/Charm
7 Illusion/Phantasm
8 Invocation/Evocation
9 Necromancy
10 Roll on table 2

Table 2: Uncommon Specialities
1 Dimension
2 Elemental Magic (1 Air, 2 Earth, 3 Fire, 4 Water)
3 Force
4 Mentalism
5 Shadow
6 Alchemy
7 Artifice
8 Geometry
9 Song
10 Wild Magic
11 Campaign Specific (Al Qadim)
12 Reroll Table 1 or DM's Option
Note: if want to use this table as 1d10 is recommended for those with PO:S&M.
Also item "12" can be used for specific specialists such as nature mages, storm mages, weather mages, chronomancers etc, see back of Spellbook Compendium.

Spell Research, Laws of Spell Design from D#242 and Chromatic Orb/Magic Missile

The Spell Idiot would like from the Guildmaster is Chromatic Orb. He would like to combine it with magic missile in various ways according to the Laws of Spell design. Your adjudication is needed and helpful. Some of possible spells are below. Note CO = Chromatic Orb and MM = Magic Missile and alternative names are given brackets after description.

1) Chromatic Missile (L2?) Combining MM and CO as they appear in published material into one spell. The orb turns into a magic missile that automatically hits the opponent but they get a saving throw to avoid the special effect from chromatic orb. Material components as per CO, 50gp gem of hue needed or diamond (per missile?). Damage is as magic missile (1d4 per missile) and range as well. I have selected 1d4 because it is easier to remember than the scaling system of CO, even though damage is greater - it will come back to haunt me but oh well. Anything that blocks Advantage for MM: gain new special powers from CO for each missiles. Advantages for CO 1) Multiple "orbs" as they are now missiles 2) Orbs automatically hit instead of being thrown with a chance of missing.

2) Improved Chromatic Missile (L4) As Chromatic Missile but no save for special powers. (Chromatic Missile w/no save)

3) Superior Magic Missile (L2) In the article (D#242) under "General Parameters" modifying MM to one missile per level is +1 to level of MM so it is now L2. I have called it Superior Magic Missile. (Magic Missile per level)

4) Superior Chromatic Missile (L3?). Combination of Chromatic Missile and Superior Magic Missile. Basically one Chromatic Missile per level. (Chromatic Missile per level)

5) Improved Superior Chromatic Missile (L5?) Combination of Superior Chromatic Missile and Improved Chromatic Missile. Same as Superior Chromatic Missile with no save. (Chromatic Missile per level w/no save)

6) Improved Chromatic Orb (L3) As CO, no save. (Chromatic Orb w/no save)

7) Damage could be added to each missile causing eg 1d6 per missile but at higher levels various Chromatic Missile "family" of spells can potentially kill and actually kill with no saving throw. Damage is this case is irrelevant. Also death can be individually targeted.

After reading the description of the spell death, the example says that the lowest HD creatures die first. If you can target the Chromatic Missiles with special power death, you can pick the highest HD and let the rest make a morale check or retreat. This is one potential greater benefit than the Death Spell even though 12 creatures die with Chromatic Missile and lots die with the Death Spell. By those who witnessed it (on the receiving end, ie the goblins) Chromatic Missiles with special power death is "greater magic" than the Death Spell.

8) I have found a spell in Wizard Spell Compendium called Delayed Magic Missile (told you before), damage is 1d6 per missile but from what I've outlined above at higher levels damage is not really needed, in some versions.

9) After My character Idiot has understood Chromatic Orb he will suggest to the Guildmaster would they together like to research the spells outlined above. Some of them L2 Magic Missile could be a unique spell to the Guild (marketing opportunities :-) and the other spells might be of use in defending the Guild from I dare suggest...devils :-)