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Spiritual Objective - the Items

by Carl Quaif

As promised, here's a selection of items enchanted by the spell "Spiritual Objective".


A few examples of items created with this spell are given below:-

The Pixie Amulet:

This antique item was found in Qeodhar, alongside the scroll bearing the Spiritual Objective spell. It is believed to have been manufactured by Vorbiant himself. The Amulet is a 2"-wide, circular medallion made of gold, hanging from a fine golden chain. The medallion is decorated with complex traceries of silver and copper, and has a prominent, cabochon-cut sapphire in its centre.

Contained within this Amulet is the spirit of a Pixie female known as Belle. Because of her presence, the wearer of the Amulet can use the Fairy power Invisibility to Mortals (see PC1, Tall Tales of the Wee Folk, for details) once per day, for a maximum of three Turns. Unlike a Pixie, however, the wearer cannot remain Invisible while mounting an attack.

The spirit of Belle can be summoned forth from the Amulet whenever the wearer desires; she appears to be a tiny, translucent, slender woman with diaphanous wings. she speaks with a musical, tinkling voice. Belle can fly at a speed of 360', turn Invisible to Mortals, and pass through solid objects (but cannot touch, manipulate or affect solids, since her spirit-form has no substance). She is mostly employed to send messages or to gather information. Wearers of the Amulet should bear in mind, however, that although her centuries of existence in this form have made her more reliable than most of her kind, Belle is still a Pixie, with a suitably small attention span; those expecting her to deliver a message promptly might be disappointed if she spots an interesting rock, an attractive woodland glade, or anything else which takes her fancy, and any intelligence she gathers must first be extracted from a seemingly-endless stream of trivia and digression. Whenever Belle is extant, the Amulet loses its Invisibility to Mortals power until she returns.

What is known of the Amulet's origins come from the Amulet itself, or rather from its Pixie occupant. The original Belle was apparently either a friend, confidante, helpmate, or servant of the Wizard Vorbiant (spirit-Belle tends to change her story often on this point). According to the spirit-form, she volunteered to have part of her essence transferred into the Amulet because she "thought it might be fun". Whether or not the real Belle survived the transfer, and what happened to her afterwards, is unknown; by the time spirit-Belle was first called upon, her real self had departed, and did not return. Since she is one of the Fairy-kind, it is entirely possible that the real Belle still lives; if found, she might tell an entirely different story...

The Mirror of Aquas:

This is a large (3' diameter) wall-mounted mirror of silvered glass, surrounded by a wide, beautiful, emerald-encrusted platinum frame. Carved into the metal are images of Tritons and Merrow sporting and playing in the waves, with tiny emeralds for eyes.

Created at the request of the young Queen Zynnia of Aquas, following the removal of her mad half-brother Zandor, this Mirror contains fragments of spirit from twelve of her wisest advisers, including humans, Tritons, or Merrow; these have merged into a single personality, a calm, wise presence referred to only as "the Mirror".

When commanded to function (the command word is "Visage"), the clear surface of the Mirror clouds over, clearing slightly to reveal a disembodied face. The face's appearance varies according to the subconscious wishes of the primary viewer; to Zynnia, it bears more than a passing resemblance to her late father, King Zyndryl. The mirror will offer good advice, and answer any question put to it to the best of its ability; it has an effective Wisdom of 19, but is not prescient, and should not be treated as an all-knowing oracle. The Mirror will function twice per day, for a maximum of one Turn per use.

The Mirror of Aquas currently hangs in Queen Zynnia's private chamber, and is consulted by her often, particularly when her Council are not in session.

The Crystal Chalice:

This is a large, short-stemmed goblet carved from a single, flawless piece of rock crystal; it can hold nearly a pint of fluid. It appears to shine with an inner light. Created only two years ago, the Chalice holds a portion of the spirit of Jeroleas, a high-ranking Patriarch of Alphatia (the Immortal) on Belissaria.

The Patriarch's spirit provides the Chalice with the following powers:

- once per day, the Chalice can cast Purify Water on any liquid placed in it; if this is poured into a larger water-holding vessel, such as a barrel, the effect spreads to include the rest of the fluid in that container. This spell can affect a maximum of 12 gallons of water.

- once per day, the Chalice can enchant any pure water placed within it to provide the effects of a Bless spell on those who drink from it. Up to six people can benefit from this effect.

- once per week, the Chalice can transform any pure water placed within it into Holy Water. This can be removed from the Chalice and placed in vials for ease of transport. This power will only function if the one holding the Chalice is a Cleric of Alphatia (or some other, allied Immortal).

Due to the presence of Jeroleas' spirit, the Chalice can sense the alignment of those who hold it; if the bearer is not Lawful (or Lawful Good, in AD&D terms), the Chalice goes dark, and will not function at all.

The Crystal Chalice currently resides in Alphatia's Cathedral, on the Southern coast of Belissaria, which has become a popular site for pilgrimage as a result.