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Spelljammer/Mystara ideas

by Sean Meaney

Something Terrible

A great and terrible monolith in the deep of the Phlogiston loomed before their hammership. The helm crashed and the hammership soon followed.
"By the Immortals! What is that thing?" Captain Halav stared at the incredible sight as the small wooden vessel fell into its gravity well...

DM Briefing: The PC's, having ventured into Spelljammer Space encounter the Starship Warden, a fifty mile long, twenty five mile wide, 8&1/2 mile thick derelict (and potential Dungeon) adrift in the Phlogiston.

The Manticore

"What is it number one?"
"Small moon approaching off the port bow sir!"
Captain Halav looked up from his Mystaran Almanac at the approaching sphere.
"That no moon!"

DM Briefing: This spherical spelljammer consists of a large sphere with over two thousand port holes on the outer shell. Out ever port hole across this vessel is heavy ballista. For the crew moving on the deck below this sphere, they are simply firing up and out a hole from their deck position.
Below the battle deck is the crew quarters. The rooms are hexagon shaped as are the hallway sections that weave between them.
Below the Crew deck In the heart of the ship is a massive hollow occupied by a great brass gyroscope on which is mounted a large helm that powers the ship.

The Mystaran Well

Halav investigated the edge of the huge well that descended down to a dark pool of still liquid.
"You say the Ancients built this to go where?" Halav looked at Zirchev who stood near the well's edge.
"Beyond." Halav stepped back.
"What a silly idea." Halav looked back at Lady Petra.
"Are you sure we should take Zirchev's Great Flying Bowl into this well?"
"It doesn't go to the Hollow World." She gave him the 'Its not like we have something better to do' shrug.

DM BRIEFING: The PCs discover a Well a mile across that takes them all the way down to the inner Boundary of the Crystal sphere of the Mystaran Universe. It sits in a Deep Cavern near that boundary between Outer Mystara and the Hollow World and can only be reached by descending deep into the subterranean reaches of Mystara. Beyond is Spelljammer Space.