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Naming Spell Levels

by Colin D. Wilson

As a DM I like to try and make things as real as possible, rather than describing things in game mechanic terms. One of things I did was name the levels of spell, so I can describe spell levels without having to use numbers. I thought you might be interested to see the names I came up with.

There are 7 levels of Clerical magic:
1: Prayer Incantations
2: Offering Incantations
3: Supplicant Incantations
4: Cardinal Incantations
5: Papal Incantations
6: Astral Incantations
7: Heavenly Incantations

There are 9 levels of Magecraft, divided into 3 groups of three:
1: Pale Spellmaking
2: Whole Spellmaking
3: Deep Spellmaking
4: Low Craft
5: High Craft
6: True Craft
7: Lesser Arcana
8: Greater Arcana
9: Exalted Arcana