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Thoughts on a spell-point system

by paladinn

Crazy magic idea.. probably many more to come.. lol

If I went with a type of spell-point system instead of spell-slots, it could open up some possibilities. Let's say a level 5 spell would burn 5 spell points. A 10th lvl MU (in BECMI) has 3/3/3/3/2 spells. I'm thinking s/he would have 40 spell points/day, and it's up to the player how to use them. If they want to use 8 level 5 spells, go for it; but the point will run out fast. This will also facilitate easy upcasting

In BECMI, the MU would "memorize"/know the exact number of spells on the chart, total 14 spells. In 5e, if s/he had 18 Int, s/he would have 3-4 (Int bonus) + 10 (for level) spells "prepared", so much the same. Clerics technically wouldn't have to "prepare" spells; they have their whole list available as "answers to prayer" and such, but would have the same limits on spell points for their level, as well as the limit on spell level.

So the MU/wizard "chart" would show:

Mage Level~ Spell Points/Day~Max Spell Level
10~ 40~ 5
11~ 47~ 6

This gives a caster complete freedom in what s/he casts and when; but there is a serious limit on how much magic per day. It's an exercise in resource management. It could also be a framework for psionics, ki, powers, etc.

Obviously we may need to juggle the numbers a