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Spell Surrogacy

New Spell Question -- wondering if anyone has used something like this:

Spell Surrogacy (3rd level)
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 hour/exp. level of the caster
Effect: Bestows a spell upon a non-spellcaster

This spell enables a magic-user to transfer one spell and to empower its recipient (the surrogate) to cast it in the same manner its originator would. The spell to be transferred must be at best two levels less than what the spellcaster is capable of learning, and it must be cast upon the recipient to complete the enchantment. This effect lasts until the surrogate casts the transferred spell, until the enchantment is dispelled, or until the latter reaches its maximum duration. The surrogate must possess intelligence above that of an animal, and succeed an Intelligence check when casting the transferred spell. Failing a roll results in the spell fizzling lamentably; a critical failure may provoke a random effect.

Either way, surrogate or not, I'm casting a Happy Holiday effect upon all.