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Spell Variations

by Angelo Bertolli

Book of Darkness

Phase blur (shield). The caster's appearance becomes shadowed and blurry, seemingly to flicker like a flame. This makes the caster harder to hit.

Darkness. Standard spell.

Black disc (magic missile). Fires a disc of darkness at one enemy within range.

Continual darkness. Standard spell.

Dark stalker (invisibility). Allows the caster a 100% chance of hiding in shadows.

Shadow-wings (fly). Gives the caster, black bat-like wings made of darkness.

Grasp of night (hold person). Thin, wispy hands made of darkness attempt to grab and hold targets at their location. Victims who fail their saving throw, may also not be transported by another-another save may be made by the victim whenever someone tries to free them to see if they can break away from the spell.

Black ray (lightning bolt). Fires a ray of darkness, starting from the caster and extending up to 60' away. Does not bounce off of walls.

Shadow-blink (dimension door). The spell caster dimension doors away, leaving an area of darkness in his shape behind that lasts for 2 rounds.

Book of the Elements

Chill (sleep). All targets within area of the spell will suddenly feel cold, and sense that it is coming from the caster. Victims will fall asleep.

Whirlwind (protection from evil). Small whirlwind of force surrounds the caster, seeming to protect and block enchanted creatures.

Shocking grasp (magic missile). Shocks one creature within range without any visible sign of an attack (except maybe for the spell casting).

Stoneskin (shield). The caster's skin becomes harder and stone-like.

Cone of cold (lightning bolt). Starts at the caster, extending up to 60' away and does not bounce of walls. Causes cold damage.

Electromagnetic barrier (wall of fire). Calls forth a shimmering curtain of electrical force which blocks site. Creatures attempting to pass through take lightning damage.

Bands of ice (hold monster). Attempts to trap targets in bands of ice. If the save is made, the target breaks free.

Other Variations

Wall of darkness (wall of ice): Blocks sight, but does not cause damage. Any creatures crossing it must save vs. spells or be blinded instead.