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by Jamie Baty

B6 16, DMR2 94
Large Plant
Hit Dice: 5d8+25 (47 hp)
Initiative: -5 (-5 Dex)
Speed: 0 ft. (0 squares)
Armour Class: 10 (-1 size, -5 Dex, +6 natural), touch 4, flat-footed 10
Base Attack/Grapple: +3/+14
Attack: Petal crush (See Below)
Full Attack: Petal crush (See Below)
Space/Reach: 10 ft. /5 ft. (May only attack creatures occupying the same squares as it)
Special Attacks: Petal crush
Special Qualities: Low-light vision, persistent weed, plant traits
Saves: Fort +9, Ref -4, Will +1
Abilities: Str 24, Dex 0, Con 20, Int -, Wis 10, Cha 9
Skills: ---
Feats: ---
Environment: Any plains, forests, marshes
Organisation: Solitary, Pair, or Bunch (2-5)
Challenge Rating: 2
Treasure: Standard
Alignment: Always neutral
Advancement: 6-10 HD (Large); 11-15 HD (Huge)
Level Adjustment: -

The sirenflower is a large, carnivorous fungus that has developed the disguise of looking like a normal plant. It captures prey by luring the prey toward its centre, using scent and lights. The scents are similar to those near the plant, particularly fragrant flowers or rotting meats. The light is a pale glow, no brighter than a candle at best. The treasure of previous victims often lures the unwary and greedy into the trap as well.

The sirenflower does not actively attack, but waits until a creature ventures into it. Once a creature reaches the centre of the plant, a web of branching arms and petals closes in, trapping the creature and slowly crushing it.
Sirenflowers are truly difficult to recognise from large-scale normal plants. A character who is unfamiliar with a sirenflower will notice something odd about the plant with a DC 20 Spot check. Characters familiar with sirenflowers only need to make a DC15 Spot check.

Petal Crush (Ex): If a target enters the same square as a sirenflower, the sirenflower may attempt to start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity. If the grapple succeeds, the sirenflower has used its petals to hold the victim and may inflict 1d4+10 crushing damage each round the victim is held. In addition to crushing damage, the petals release an enzyme that digests the flesh of the victim, causing 1 point of acid damage every two rounds the victim is held.
If more than one victim is within the sirenflower when it closes, petal crush resolves normally, but the sirenflower takes a -2 penalty to its grapple checks for each victim beyond the first.
The victim can escape the sirenflower by winning a grapple check, succeeding on a DC 19 (Str based) Escape Artist check, or reducing the sirenflower to 0 hitpoints.

Persistent Weed (Ex): A sirenflower may only be permanently killed by inflicting 30 fire damage to its root. Otherwise, it will regrow in one to two weeks.

Plant Traits: A plant creature possesses the following traits (unless otherwise noted in a creature's entry): Immunity to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects); Immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, polymorph, and stunning; Not subject to critical hits; Plants breathe and eat, but do not sleep.