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Here is the writeup for Jadikira's Ring:

Serpent Ring of Jadikira

by Geoff Gander

This ring looks like a winding gold serpent with iridescent green jade scales and tiny ruby eyes, biting its own tail. The ring detects as magic, and displays the telltale signs of being a magic ring (changing size to accommodate the hand of the one who wears it). When worn, a number of powers become apparent through experimentation, or through dream messages from Jadikira (depending on certain circumstances).

The wearer can speak with snakes 3 times per day for one hour each time (ask simple questions that permit a yes/no answer).

The wearer can summon up to three snakes (common indigenous snakes only) once per day. Each snake can be asked to perform one simple task that is not dangerous (as per charm person spell). Snakes will arrive in 1d6 turns and stays until the task is completed or six hours passes whichever comes first.

At 3rd level, the wearer can shapechange into a snake once per day. The wearer can become any kind of mundane (i.e., normal-sized) snake, and while in snake form will have all of the abilities possessed by that type of snake (including movement rate, armour class, venom, constriction, etc.), but are unable to talk or cast spells. Hit points and saving throws are unchanged from their original form. They will remain in that state until they choose to revert back to their normal form, or 24 hours passes whichever comes first. While in snake form all of the wearer's possessions vanish into a pocket dimension, and re-appear on the wearer's person when they re-assume their normal form. Once the wearer has resumed their original form, they cannot shapechange again until a full 24 hours has passed.