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Races of the Serpent Peninsula

by Ashtagon

Dominant: half-elves (Yavi), halflings (Ulimwengu)
Minor: lizard men (swampy jungle), elves + humans (minorities in Yavdlom)
Migrant: dwarves, rakasta, lupin

You could probably justify a wide-ranging shire merchant background here too, and enjoy the culture clash as he meets his Ulimwengu cousins, but that could get weird. I can't easily imagine the humanoid natives of the great waste (ogres and gnolls) getting enough respect in major cities here to be viable as PCs.

Great Waste:
Dominant: elves + gnolls (Graakhalia)
Minor: humans, ogres, half-ogres(?)
Migrant: dwarves, rakasta, lupin

Radically different races and cultures clash less often than you might expect here, as it is survival vs nature rather culture vs culture here.