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Some spellbooks

by Dragontattoo

The Tricksters book

This spellbook was made by Enderung Spellsparkle, a gnome illusionist known for his almost compulsory need to play tricks on his fellow beings. Enderung made several spellbooks in his time. This is one of them. Enderung disappeared in AC 991, some say after he played a trick to many.

Appearance: The Tricksters book, is made of bright red leather, with silver corners. On the front page is a face of a laughing gnome made out of silver, finders of the book says that the face sometimes blink at its owner. The book has 208 pages, and is 10 inches high, 10 inches wide and 9 inches thick.

Protections: the book has no locks of any kind, but its still protected, Enderung has placed a illusory script on the book, so anyone reading it will only read about the history of gnomes. A decipher script dc 25 will reveal the password that will remove the illusory script if anyone tries to read the spellbook after this they will receive a minor curse ex. turn blue, a second decipher script will reveal the second password that prevents the second protection. After a user has said the 2 passwords its not needed until another tries to read it.

Spells: Ghost sound, change self, colour spray, silent image, charm person, hypnotism, grease, Tasha's hideous laughter, invisibility, magic mouth, minor image, mirror image, knock, alter self, suggestion, illusory script, major image, shrink item, stinking cloud, hallucinatory terrain, improved invisibility, polymorph other.

Special: The first part of the book is a lengthy theory on illusions and how to improve them. If the entire theory is read and one makes a spellcraft dc 25, the reader will receive +1(bonus?) dc to spells from the illusion school, and +1(bonus?) to all saves vs. illusions. The second part of the book is jokes, practical jokes and tricks. If you have the book in your possession you will receive a +2 circumstance bonus til perform(comedy). Third part of the book is the spells.

The tome of steel.

This tome was made by an unknown wizard.

Appearance: The tome of steel is made of platinum, consists of 10 pages excl. the front and back cover which also is made of platinum, the tome has a steel snake wrapped around it. Its 1 foot high, 8 inches wide and 4 inches thick, and quite heavy, it weighs 50 pounds.

Protections: The steel snake wrapped around it makes it impossible to open, if one touches the snake with a platinum piece the snake will recoil its self to the centre of the front page, a second touch with a platinum piece will make it wrap around the spellbook. Other user might have put extra protection on the tome.

Spells: Note, the spells in this tome does not take up the usual space.

Page 1: Major creation.
Page 2: Wall of iron.
Page 3: Iron Body.
Pages 4-6: Notes on making Iron golems.
Pages 7-8: Notes on making Nimblewrights.
Page 9-10: Manual for summoning bladelings.

Special: The notes on creating the 2 golems will cut the gp price in creation with 10%. The manual for summoning bladelings, lets the user summon 1d4+1 bladelings (mm2, page 31) once a week, the bladelings stays for 1 hour or until slain, serving the summoner to the best of their abilities.

Gerhard Messingtons Cloak

History: Gerhard Messington was an Thyatian mage that early in his adventuring career was captured several times with his fellow companions, this caused him to lose his spellbooks. After these mishaps, he sought a way to make a spellbook that could be hidden, after years of research he thought of his old mother that was a seamstress. So the idea for the spellcloak came to be. Gerhard used years along side his magical studies to master the trade of weaving and sewing. And in the end Gerhard made his cloak.

Description: The cloak is made of a dark blue fabric and on the outside its covered with silver runes and other mystical symbols. Its inside is also covered with the same runes and other arcane markings (as most flashy spellcasters clothes are). It also contains 4 hidden compartments big enough to contain spell components.

Spells: On the inside of the cloak is inscribed the following spells: Knock, invisibility, polymorph self, teleport and magic missile.

Special: The cloak has +5 to all saves because of the superior fabric, oils and potions it have been treated with. The cloak does not confer these saves to its wearer. The dc to find the secret compartments is dc 30 on a spot or search check. And the spellcraft dc to identify the markings on the inside of the cloak is dc 25.

The apprentices book.

History: This book was made by the Alphatian wizard Staahl to his students. The special teachings of Staahl made that even some that would not have succeeded at other masters, learned to cast spells, so Staahl is an highly sought master, in Alphatia.

Description: The covers of this book is made of leather, with brass corners, on the front is inscribed with gold letters: Arcane studies by Staahl AC 982. It has 65 pages. Its 12 inches high, 10 inches wide and 5 inches thick.

Spells: All spells in this book takes the double amount of pages. All 0 th. lvl spells. Alarm, Mount, comprehend languages, magic missile, Nystul's magical aura, expeditious retreat, erase, message, shield.

Special: The spellcraft dc for learning the spells in this book is 5 lower than normal, Staahl has used more room for explaining about the different spells, that's why the spells take the double amount of space. The next 14 pages is an extensive explanation on spellcasting. The last page is a list of books to read to further ones studies.

Protections: Staahl has not put any protections on his books.