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Twilight of Apocalypse

by Joaquin Menchaca

There is an invisible intra-dimensional vortex out there in space just outside of the Mystaran solar system. This vortex is similar to the popular ST: Deep Space Nine's wormhole. Instead of jumping light years throughout space, the space craft will actually cross another alternative universe into another multi-verse where magic simply does not function, nor exist. It is up to everyone's imagination to what this universe is like. Personally I use a modified Star Frontiers campaign for this alternative universe, but there is no reason why someone could not use GURPs, Alternity, or Traveller.

There are many things that have accidentally crossed this vortex, which is called "Alternity Effect" for lack of a better term. One of the most dramatic effects was this spaceship called Beagle that crashed landed on Mystara. Here, these aliens decided to meddle with the cultures and races of the planet and introduce technology. They also experimented with magic. The affects were great and had everlasting dramatic effects upon the planet as shown in the "Great Rain of Fire".

In another timeline, the surface world was rendered unscathed as the explosion and disastrous effects were unleashed within the inner planet called Hollow World. The planet was called Mystarros to distinguish the alternative timeline, and the inner world was renamed to Shadow World, and it's internal sun no longer shines. Only a faint luminescent glow no greater than the moon sheds its faint glow upon the planet. Denizens common to the under earth roam freely and wage war within this realm. Human, Gnomish, and Dwarven populations exist as well. Currently an imperial army of a sentient robot dominants the Shadow World with its legions of robotic armies. On the surface world, technology continued to thrive in favour of magic. Magic is still practised, but it is far rarer and less advanced to that of ancient Olmec and Blackmoor mages. Many of the kingdoms are dominated by the Overlord and his benevolent rule. Other kingdoms exist as free states as they thrive as they contribute more to the mighty Olmec Empire as independent states. Still other kingdoms exist in the far unexplored reaches of the planet. One kingdom beyond the wastelands is controlled the infamous Vecna which legions of humanoids and undead armies. Recently his army has been supplemented with unknown robotic factions. Other armies of Vecna use traditional weaponry of swords, shields, and laser staves. Vecna has not been able to make any serious threat to the Overlord thanks to the invulnerable enormous sky shields. The sky shields were invented long ago for reasons only known to trusted top officials and engineers. There are speculations of threat from beyond the Mystarrosian (a.k.a. Mystaran) sphere.

Besides the Beagle there have been other crossings. During the time of the Nithian Empire, Sutek the Destroyer, an avatar of Seth, had a large following through Mystara. The

gods smitten Nithia from the surface of Mystara and later place it within Hollow World. The gods also did a planetary mind-whip of all knowledge of Nithian, and they also banished Sutek beyond space and time. Somehow Sutek used the prison of the gods to escape through the void into the other universe where no technology exist. In this universe, Sutek is somehow able to have limited control of his life energies as an avatar and can call upon the magic within him. Magical regeneration cannot happen unless the avatar converts life energy to magic (mana) or somehow draws energy from the other plane. Sutek has found that somehow worshippers can contribute towards his life essence.

Another entity has crossed over from the alternative universe. An extremely advanced artificial intelligence computer program has adapted and found a way to exist as a sentient being within this new universe through use of magic. The AI has left the boundaries of its mechanical confines and elevated itself to that of god. The AI has found away to utilise the life essence energies similar to the way other deities use life essence energy. For paradoxical reasons, the AI calls itself "The One". "The One" commands religions on both Mystarros & Shadow World timeline and the normal Mystara & Hollow World timeline. In Mystara a new religion has formed in Karameikos called The Church of Karameikos and promotes the truth of "The One". Other religions promote enlightenment and true harmony with the universe through meditation, while other religions promote the way of logic and abstinence of emotions will be the only true way to achieve harmony with oneself. This later form of religion is popular amongst the Elves.