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Star Signs

by Robin

# Month CM7 Month Thyatian name CM7 Name(Elven/Alphatian) Blackmoor Name(Ripvanwormer) Nithian Milenian Nimmurian Herathian Hule/Sind Ochalean
- Winter Rhīw Winter Rhīw Winter Shemu-Akhet Winter Umisam-Ersetu (Earth Days) Winter हिमा himA 冬 Fuyu
12 Kaldmont Darkwood;Eryn-Vorn The Giant The Narwhal; Phantotaenneleg (Whale long tooth) The Fencer Toth Cyclops Bu'idu (Ghost) Disan (Goat) महाकाय mahAkAya (Giant) イッカク Ikkaku (Narwhal)
1 Nuwmont Snowdrop;Niphredil Manticore the Nymph;Wingil The Lord of Lies Mut Manticore Nergal (Great Watcher) Egla (Bull) रक्ष rakSa (Watcher) マンティコア Mantikoa(Manticore)
2 Vatermont Gloomlight;Fuincalad The Hydra the Hydra; Fenumėlaewcari (Dragon many heads) The Withered Hand Nithus(River Nithia) Hydra Kurnugi/Erset la Tarin (Netherworld) Kishpu (Sorcery) भूत bhUta (Ghost) ヒドラ Hidora (Hydra)
- Spring Tuilė Spring Tuilė Spring Akhet Spring Umisam-Zeru (Seed days) Spring वसन्त vasanta 春 Haru
3 Thaumont Frostend;Hellmedui Centaur the House;Nothrim(kindred, family, house) The Heart of Darkness & Fire Isis Centaur Sisu-Lu (Horseman) Sag-Ki-Šu(Web) ग्रीष्मसुन्दरक grISmasundaraka (Centaur) ケンタウロス Kentaurosu
4 Flaurmont Youngfire;Gweinūr Basilisk the Lizard; Lhūg(Reptile) The Thinker Seth Serpent Dudituo (Ornament) Gidrugar (Spider) सर्प sarpa (Snake) バシリスク Bashirisuku(Basilisk)
5 Yarthmont Seedwell;Eredhalacarna Chimera Justice; Fael-Sanyė (Fair Law) The Law Keeper & Law Giver Phoenix Chimera Dayyanutum (Judgement) Mitu (Death) न्याय nyAya (Law&Justice) キメラ Kimera (Chimera)
- Summer Ellairė Summer Ellairė Summer Peret Summer Umisam-Se'im (Grain days) Summer ग्रीष्म grISma 夏 Natsu
6 Klarmont White Ewe;Fainaduial Gorgon The Warrior; Maethor The Walking God Osiris Gorgon Etlu (Warrior) Nimrod(Jager) वृषभ vRSabha (Bull) ゴルゴン Gorugon (Gorgon)
7 Felmont Rich Sun;Bainanor Griffon The Chimera; Rhawleweglhug (Lionsnakedragon) The Lord of Lies Sphinx Gryphon Sharur (Hunter) Esru-Nertum (Flying Hunter) व्याध vyAdha (Hunter) グリフォン Gurifon (Griffon)
8 Fyrmont Sweet Life;Meluivehtė Dragon The Griffon; Fionrauro (Lioneagle) The Weaver Geb Hippogryph Hebat (lady of the Skies) Tiamat (Dragon) ग्रह Graha (Dragon Head) ヒッポグリフ Hippogurifu (Hippogryph)
- Fall Lhasbelin Fall Lhasbelin Autumn Peret-Shemu Fall Umisam-Akalum (Food days) Fall शरद्काल zaradkAla 秋 Aki
9 Ambyrmont Copperfield;Rustuiparth Salamander The Eagle;Thoron The Harvester Horus Eagle Essuru-Inu (Flying Eye=Eagle) Zilitu (Fog Spirit) अञ्जन aJjana (Lizard) 鷲 Washi (Eagle)
10 Sviftmont Gold Harvest;Glawariawas Pegasus The Centaur; Adanrohir The Dark Queen Hathor Pegasus Essuru-Sisu (Flying Horse) Šamuḫa (Turtle) दिव्य divya (Angel-Archon) ペガサス Pegasasu (Pegasus)
11 Eirmont Red Tree;Carangaladh Warrior The Manticore; Rhawaithos (Lionthornbush) The Archer Wadjet Herculean Lion Etlu-Sharrur (Eternal Hunter-warrior) Marduk (warrior) भट bhaTa (Warrior) 戦士 Senshi (warrior)

Thyatian names as per CM7 and Poor Wizard Almanacs. The Problem is they use different names on some signs.
Keep also in mind that the CM7 starmap reveals not the positions of the starsigns in the different months, the whole starmap rotates within. and I assume that the sign of that month is the one on the Horizon... However, even the order of the PWA names is different from CM7. As starsigns do not shift their positions between themselves, it can only be assumed the Thytians made (again) several flaws in their translations. Or their must be some other reason why a star sign belongs to a specific month.

The runes on the starmap are Dwarven Runes, scribed in the English/Thyatian tongue ...making it even a bit more confusing..the names of each month might be treu translated elvish versions, but must thus be translated in elvish...harrum
But even then the starsigns will follow the same order of movement and thus placement along the calender.
As thus we must assume the Thyatians see another image in the same signs (using other lines between the stars) and thus may have similar names (from elven heritage presumably) but actually different in using for each sign.
Ths the reason Both the CM7 Elven and Thyatian have a warrior sign, but use a different location/sign/season.

Elven/Alphatian is the Thyatian words translated in Elvish also used by the Alphatians

Blackmoor as per Ripvanwormer's research

Nithia as per Middle egyptian Kingdom (seemed best fitting with a clear nithian feel ) Akhet = Winter, Peret = Summer, Shemu = Flooding. Nithians(like Egyptians) had only 3 equally sized seasons.

Have to research more for the other 4

Edit 18-10; Added other Blackmoor names as per Rips awesome advice. I choose from the list those missing, while viewing the Starsign itself, looking for envisionable resemblances between the sign and the name; if it would be possible/logical to use that name for that sign.
Edit;22-10 Added Ochalean starsigns (translated from Japanese), Added Nimmurian starsigns (translated from Sumerian), Heratian (Translated from Babylonian),Hule/Sind (Translated from Sanskrit)