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Savage Tide Adventure Path - Mystara Conversion Notes

by Eric Williamson

Sasserine Timeline
1000 AC-Present Day*
990 AC-Sasserine Freed from Thyatian Rule by Hule Intervention
886 AC-Orren Teraknian Overthrown with Thyatian help
636 AC-Huleans from Garganin attack, destroying Teraknian's Arch
282 AC-Sasserine Founded by Thyatian Pilgrims

*Note that I play from the Gazetteers, and so Present Day is still AC 1000. This could be bumped up to AC 1010 or later and the WotI events taken into consideration without impacting the conversion greatly. Simply add in the confusion of the WotI events as a contributing factor to Thyatis losing Sasserine.

Throughout: Replace all references to Wee Jas with Nyx, Kord with Diulanna, Olidammara with Korotiku, Pelor with Ixion, Fharlanghn with Asterius, St. Cuthbert with Tarastia. Osprem, Procan, and Xerbo are considered three aspects of the Immortal Protius. Replace all references to "god" with "Immortal." Replace all references to the Hold of the Sea Princes with the Empire of Thyatis and to the Scarlet Brotherhood with the Hagiarchy of Hule.

Paragraph 1:
Sasserine was a cleric of Nyx. Added/modified the following, "As those who followed the Immortal of Night have never been very welcome in the Empire of Thyatis, Sasserine called together her followers from throughout Thyatis. Her husband Teraknian (himself a Davanian soldier and worshipper of Diulanna and thus familiar with the tropical lands across the Sea of Dread) did the same and together they set out to the southern continent to find this hidden cove."

Paragraph 2:
Sasserine founding date set at 282 AC.

Paragraph 3:
Added/modified the following, "The City of Sasserine is perched on the edge of the Known World, the last stop before the endless expanse of the Jungle Coast. Specifically , Sasserine is located on the southern continent of Davania, nestled in a sheltered harbour at the mouth of the river Glauqnor (so named by the green-skinned Emerondians to the south), just before the Jungle Coast gives way to the fertile coastal plains called the Green Coast."

Paragraph 4:
Added/modified the following, "Perched at the edge of civilisation, Sasserine is (and has always been) often the target of assault from land and sea; the pirates of the Crimson Fleet, ships from the Hagiarchy of Hule and the Imperial Thyatian Navy..."

Paragraph 5/City Stat Block:
Added/modified the following, "Mixed (83% human (Thyatian, Milenian, Hinterlander, Ochalean, Yavi, Sindhi, Hulean, Other), 5% halfling, 4% gnome, 4% dwarf, 2% elf, 2% other (half-elf, half-orc, Emerondian)."

Paragraph 6:
Added/modified the following, "For 350 years after its foundation in 282 AC, Sasserine experienced phenomenal growth. In 636 AC, Sasserine had its first conflict with the notorious assassins and slavers of the Hagiarchy of Hule. Hulean wizards and clerics from Garganin managed to destroy the stone bridge known as Teraknian's Arch and burned much of the waterfront before the defenders managed to repulse the attack. Over the next two and a half centuries, Sasserine would be variously assaulted by the Huleans, The Empire of Thyatis..."

Paragraph 7:
Added/modified the following, "Over the years, a line of lord-mayors descended from Teraknian ruled Sasserine in conjunction with advice from the churches of Nyx and Diulanna. In the year 886, Orren Teraknian ruled the city. For the first time since leaving the Empire, the church of Nyx was stripped of its power..."

Added the following before the final sentence, "Ship captains who knew the route to the city were bought off or murdered. So successful was the Empire in this ploy that the Great Hule even lost contact with their own colony of Garganin."

Paragraph 8:
Added/modified the following, "Their prayers were finally answered in 990 AC, when the Great Hule (having found lost references to the city) assassinated nearly all of the leaders from Imperial Thyatis in Sasserine. The resulting turmoil threw Sasserine into chaos. Without the support of their homeland, the remaining loyal Thyatians were overthrown in a fortnight."

Paragraph 10:
Added/modified the following, "Sasserine is governed by a council of seven noble families known collectively as the Dawn Council (a name not favoured by the followers of Nyx...)"

Paragraph 13:
Added/modified the following, "There are a few evil religions operating in the shadows of the city-the two most notable are the secret cult of Loki (known locally by the Hulean name Bozdogan) that uses the Historian's Guild as cover, and a fairly sizeable temple of Thanatos hidden below one of the plantation houses south of the city."

Still working on converting the map key (I'm going to make a combined doc of the Dungeon, Dragon, and STPG info so it's all in one place...).