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Southern Belcadiz

by Robin

Belcadiz, Principality of
Towns: (population values for AC 1000 / AC 1014) 
New Alvar: 5400’ altitude (5,100/4700) is the capital of the Principality of Belcadiz. Along the Salamanca Creek, Begin of Alvarian Trail and the Alvar River. Has Farms, horses, market.
Villages: (population values for AC 1000 / AC 1014) 
Xeres: 5125’ altitude (778/712) is located to the southwest of New Alvar along the Alvarian Trail. Has farms and horses.
Rota:  (510/452) is located 16 miles north of New Alvar in the Colossus Mounts foothills.(North of  Map not displayed on this map)
Vega: 5375’ altitude (345/309) is east of Lago Vega along Vega Creek ,8 miles southeast of New Alvar. Has mines. Has vineyards.
Medina: 5900’ altitude, (387/354) is along Medina Creek, located two miles to the south of the Palace of Alhambra in the Orangina Medina region, north of Orangina creek. 
Montila: 5250’ altitude, (213/190) is along the Montila Creek in the southeastern hills of Belcadiz 16 miles south of Alhambra. Vineyards and has a mine.Nearby Montila Pines curtting Elven style. Taxes Alexander Glantri Highway passing through this section with 1 sp/leg and wheel. Recent added 1 gp flying tax to sentient creatures or controllers.
Navalmoral de la Mata; 5650’ altitude, (150/143) is along the Medina Creek downstream of Medina, on the edge of the Orangina Medina region. Orchards and Hunting.
Salamanca; 5800’ altitude, (120/99) Is along Salamanca creek 10 miles Northeast of New Alvar. Hunting.
Gibraleon; 5650’ altitude, (145/115) is 7 miles along Gibraleon trail north west of New Alvar. Has mines.
Spesas; 5250’ altitude, (132/122) is along the Vega Creek downstream of Lake Vega and Vega, about 7miles south of New Alvar, along the Alvar-Monteleone Trail. Pine forest. Wood cutting elven style.
Llodin; 4850’ altitude, (211/178) along the Vega Creek downstream of Spesas, Lake Vega and Vega, about 15 miles southwest of New Alvar, along the Alvar-Monteleone Trail.
Fuenlabrada; 5325’ altitude (99/101)  in the Foret de Fuen West of New Alvar. Pine and Hickory wood curtting elven style.
Arroyomolinos; 5175’ altitude (141/126) In the Llodino Woods, southwest of New Alvar. Known for its wood/saw mills.

The 2nd, 3rd Banners are stationed in Tristan. Every 3 months the divisions rotate assignments.

Belcadiz is a temperate realm of rolling hills and dry, though not arid, soil. Conventional agriculture is thus difficult in this principality, but the elves have made the most of it, cultivating grapes, olives, and fruits. Belcadiz also encompasses a several large stands of forest running to the Vesubia river valley; while the forest is protected by royal decree, the princess and her forebears have been known to sell small tracts of the tall oaks for lumber in tight economic times. The southern Colossus Mounts, which border the principality, have made those troubled times more rare in the past century, since the elves discovered (and maintained mines for) gold and silver there. Belcadiz imports grains, stone, wood, gems, textiles, perfume, and exports fine metalwork, precious metals, weapons, wine, olive oil, cured meats, lace, pottery, fruits.

Orangina Creek;
Begin Colossus Mountains to Medina Creek
Medina Creek; Begin Colossus mountains to Palace Alhambra to New Alvar
Alvar Creek; Begin Medina Creek/Salamanca creek to Fuentas creek, along Alvarian trail.
Alvar River; begin Alvar creek/Fuentas creek to Vesubian River along Alvarian Trail.
Grapas creek; Begin Colossus mountains to Montilla.
Montilla creek; Begin Colossus mountains to Satolas Creek.
Satolas creek; Begin Colossus mountains in Satolas along Alexandrian Highway to Montilla River
Coslada creek; Begin south Satolas to Lake Erewan.
Vega nor Creek; Begin Hills Belcadiz to lake Vega
Vega Sud creek; Begin Belcadiz hills t lake Vega
Vega Creek; Begin Lake Vega to Llodin
Lago Vega; Deep cold water lake (flooded doline)
Vega River; Begin Vega Creek Llodin to Vesubian River
Lago Llodio; Flooded depression (water elemental gate suggested)
Fuentas creek; begin Colossus Mountains to Alvar Creek.

Alvarian Trail; This is the other real road (unpaved, but designated with packed earth on rows of logs) leading from Nyra to New Alvar in Belcadiz. Especially in  wagon this road is torture.
Another trail of note is the Alexander Glantri Memorial Highway which begins at Fort Monteleone and runs east into the hill country and from there to Bramyra, finally ending at Fort Tchernovodsk. It is rated a fair trail by Glantrian AAA and has throughout its history been a dangerous route due to proximity to the border with the Border Lands and later with Ethengar. Only a small section is passing Through Belcadiz. As this is too short. Glantrian politics ordained...NO taxes are due on this part of the rail. As such, any Tol booths sighted are illegal...yet often advisable to pay, not to be excluded from trading with Belcadiz, and getting a very bad name.
Other smaller poor quality trails crisscross the region connecting the towns and villages to each other.

Other named locations
Orangina Medina;
hills with Olive and orange orchards
Montilla pines; Hills with dark straight pines
Llodino Woods; The oak covered hills are Treant treated areas, the rest is for the Glantrians.
Foret de Fuen; Hickory forest

One final important remark;
Elves mages/wizards/sorcerers or however they call themselves, do not have the need to use towers to display they are wizards, as all elves are capable of using magic, the prefer normal (though often somewhat larger) elven style housing. As thus you will NOT find mage towers in these regions, where elsewhere in Glantri You would find many.