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An idea I got from combining the old TV series "Twilight Zone", Bermuda dissapearing Planes, MH370, Temporal time dynamics, Mystara, magic, and the following picture in general all in one. Hope you like it

I placed it as part of the Corunglain-Ethengar Trail

Bridge of Steel

by Robin

This peculiar area is used for centuries by Humanoids and Merchants alike, as a bridge. But what is clear to us Real world readers, is not as clear to them. The Bridge is not a bridge, but the wing of a colossal airplane, which lies here crashed since 517 AC.

DM Background Story
It was that year when Thamosin, A Thyatian doctor of temporal magic of the Great School of Magic, discovered the legendary Comeback Inn. His send adventurers returned with its hidden location and he followed them to the location. Before entering he discovered that it was powered and protected by the most intense form of temporal magic. As being a follower of the Time Immortal, and being a well experienced mage, he refused to approach the area, before unleashing all spells in his repertoire that could affect the magic of the location….So far his thoughts. What did actually happen? It is uncertain what spells Thamosin and his companions actually used, and what magic actually was affected and how. But the magic of the Comeback inn reflected back at Thamosin and its surroundings… and apparently also beyond the borders of space and time…They were never found.

What follows is taken from the talking box found within the Steel Bridge by Goblins and taken away by a caravan guard in 924AC.
<Continuous humming sound> Here Fedex Express flight 666. Trying to contact Fort Lauderdale Airport. Respond Please. Fort Lauderdale; respond please. Here Fedex Express flight 666 requiring direct guidance. 3.40 PM. We think we are southwest of Fort Lauderdale. I don’t know were we actually are. Fort Lauderdale; respond please. Here Fedex Express flight 666. I’m sure I’m in the Florida Keys, and I don’t know how to get to Fort Lauderdale. I must have got lost after that last turn heading Northwest toward the Bahamas at 2.10 PM. Both compasses and Gyro are out. Lauderdale; respond please. Here Fedex Express flight 666 requiring direct guidance. We do not see the water anymore. There is a sudden thick fog around us. Altimeter at 3900 feet. Suffering Saint Elmo’s fire all over the Plane. High Electricty in the air. Horizontal Lightning all around!! Lauderdale!! respond please!!. Here Fedex Expressflight 666 requiring direct guidance!!. BLYME…!!!! Two Volcanoes, LEFT OF ME!!. <ROARING SOUND> WHAT THE…Where the Hell am I?... LADERDALE; RESPOND PLEASE!!. Here Fedex Express flight 666 requiring DIRECT guidance. Dammyou Lauderdale; frggnnn respond please. Here Fedex Express flight 666 requiring DIRECT guidance. Oh shit. A…fkknggg mntain, Pull up, Pull up! PULL UP!!!. <CRASHING SOUUND> followed by silence.

What Follows are the Excerpts of Johan Tenmimir, Leader of the Linton Caravan through the Careanna territory (West of Dwarfgate Mountains).
517 AC Thaumont 21. The voyage was terrible. We were attacked by Kobolds, by Gnolls, and even Stone Giants, yet still survived and even our loads intact. When we just had passed the Giant Head, a magic storm appeared somewhat northwest of us, distance less than 80 miles. The storm opened up with horizontal purple lightning that seemed to come from the ground. The air became static and clouds were sucked into the storm in a reversed upside-down hurricane. Even the lightning went in. And then there was only a large grey thick cloud bank, like fog, hanging in the area. For a moment it was silent. But the strangest thing happened then. A screaming roaring sound came from the cloud, and a large demon came from it. Flying with stretched arms, covered in silver, spewing four trails of fire and brimstone into the air. Roaring we saw it leaving the cloud and flying in a straight line some what west over the Sun’s Anvil, north of the Twin Volcanoes. The roaring faded in the air, as the demon disappeared behind the mountains.. We hope we will never see that demon again, for its power must have been astounding, as it flew faster than any dragon could.The box is now stored in the Great School of Magic in Glantri, but never spoke again.

Excerpt from the dairies of Bartholomew Terisa, Founder and first user of the Corunglain –Ethengar Trail trough the Broken Lands.
625 AC, Sviftmont 12, Day 31 of our journey. We travelled through the area known by the Goblins here as “The mountain that died”. Indeed, sharp rocks and poisonous salt pits everywhere. To the Northwest lies the area where most Goblins seem to come, hence we climb the mountain North East. The Northern Mountains go up high and steep here, about 700 feet in only a five miles distance from the foot of this mountain range to where we are now. The pass follows a wild raging river in the depth of the cleft of this mountain. Cracks are everywhere. The area is clearly damaged by the two volcanoes we met a few days earlier, and had to circle around. We lost one wagon with driver and horses falling down. If this has to be the future route, dwarves surely must widen the path here and there by cutting away some rocks. Then the pass stops. In front of us the deep chasm of the river, some 100 feet lower. In front of us a steel structure; Shaped like cylinder, this steel shining structure on the other side of the cleft shines, apparently unharmed by rust and weather. A large metal bridge without leaning enables us to reach the other side. The steel (or other metal) is slippery, but the bridge is about 20 feet in width and even becoming wider on the other side. A 15’x 15’ gate has been opened within this building, to get within. Inside the structure we have thee feeling to be in a large temple or dwarf hall, thus wide and high are the measurements. The guard scouts return; to the left the building becomes much smaller, intact thus small that even as a walker you have to duck. The area is open, and it seems as if the backside of this structure suffered battle damage. Large pieces lie now below in the river. To the lift the structure opens wide. We slowly go forth, and enter the structure. Beams of steel shaped like boat beams curve around us. There is a lot of dirt within, apparently the humanoids must use this passage themselves often. Strange threads and colored cables hang from every beam and sub-beam. Closer examination reveals they hold copper. We collect as much as we can of this sudden treasure. While doing this Ogmar climbs up to discover a small outlook post integrated within the building. Inside a half curved table erected upon the former windows we only find a skeleton in a dark-blue pair of Pants and something of a black and blue coat with symbols upon. We only recognized the words Fedex, so we assume that was his name or that of his boss. Our Cleric Taros Ranging determines we have to bury this poor soul. Carefully we transport the body outside and bury it right of the large exit against the rocks partly in the ground the rest under a cairn. I took the astounding shoes. Black leather, string closed, with a sole that does not wear off. The nose is hard as steel and no horse stomp can break my toes no more, and the durable sole, apparently also holds steel, as no caltrop penetrated it and wounded me. Best Shoes ever. The humanoids have earlier torn the outlook post apart, and all papers and other material had been consumed by weather, water, fungus or animals. The skeleton must have been proud of his master’s (or own) name, as it is sprawled anywhere. Nothing of interest or value can be found. The outpost reveals that the trail continues further along the river, and then turns right up the mountain. The humanoids were nowhere to see…no wonder in this bad weather…fog, rain and a continuous volcanic haze. The area is large enough for any wagon of less than 50 feet in wagon length, to enable the right angled corner from the bridge into the structure. No further measurements are needed here as they exceed the minimum needed. Whatever this steel fortress or outpost had as goal, it was NOT erected by humanoids. My mage even thinks it has crash-landed here, but we all know only the Alphatians have flying vessels, and even those are not of steel. As thus we dump this ridiculous idea where it belongs, in the trash bin of temporary insanity of our mage.

Story from Ugha Bacha, Shaman of Akkrass, interrogated by Darokin Guard about history of region.
“We saw silver dragon fly down, wings spread when it fell into mountain pass east of Akkrass. We heard its roar and how it bellowed out its last shriek and roar. Then the river set aflame. And many good goblins died. It was three moons until the river stopped burning, and another three before it was drinkable again, instead of causing severe regurgitating, flammable Burbs & Farts, and stomach cramps pain and often death. Until that moment nobody went there. When we did we saw dragon carcass of steel. A Steel Dragon never knew they did exist. One of its wings hangs over deep creek as bridge. Body hardened like steel. Under wing hangs two dragon eggs, they be open and only steel mass within, young must be dead. We plundered innards. Dragon had swallowed many thick brown papered boxes of bleu clothing. All clothing bearing Human name Levis. This person must be rich for having so many pants and shirts in Kobold to Orc sizes. We thank Wogar for letting Dragon Bringing Levis's “Gift”. Many Goblins now wear blue pants and shirts. No food or innards remain of Dragon; other creatures must have feasted upon. Not even bones or teeth are found. There is a cursing ghost at Dawn and Dusk, never at night or day. We do not go there then. When we see pigeons up, caravan is there, or hordegroup

Up to today the Bridge of steel exists, used by both caravans and humanoids. Humanoids are afraid of the thing especially at dawn and dusk..rumors are it is then haunted, but not on other times.
The steel Bridge is 20' wide at its smallest width, and has a gate of 15'x 15' opening in a 45' wide interior. There is a small steel ladder, leading to the demolished outpost. muck and funghi and centipedes roam here. Bats live in the open structure itself. On clear days the outpost reveals Akrass Castle in the distance. Not a safe place to stay or rest. The trail curves north, crosses the creaks that make the river and waterfall North east of the Steel Bridge. The trail continues further east. Underneath the bridge hang two large cylindrical buckets; apparently originally some kind of a weapon, now mountain Pigeons live and nest safe within them. Beware when traversing the Bridge, pigeons will fly up and alert the Humanoids nearby. And if you see pigeons flying up suddenly when approaching; Beware Humanoids or another caravan is there.