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Savage Tide on Mystara Part II: "The Bullywug Gambit"

by Christopher Richard Davies

As with part one, there aren't many changes needed to make this work on Mystara. Kraken's Cove, where the main action of the adventure takes place, is 60 miles from Sasserine, well inside the hex of swampland I've picked.

The two minor alterations deal with the Wormfall Festival and the being worshipped by the bullywug tribe. The former, a reference to the previous two Dungeon Adventure Paths (the heroes of Cauldron are implicitly the PCs of "Shackled City", the events referenced are the climax of "Age of Worms") probably should be replaced by a festival celebrating the end of piratical domination over Sasserine.

Bua Gorg, the shaman of the bullywug tribe, is a cleric of Dagon. Dagon might be an alias of one of the Entropic Immortals, a hitherto unrevealed Entropic being, an imaginary entity, the monster ruler of bullywugs, or (really scary thought) an Outer Being. (Guess which way I'd go? It ties in well with Dagon's write-up elsewhere.) It probably won't have any impact on the adventures to follow, but you never know ...