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Savage Tide on Mystara Part III: "The Sea Wyvern's Wake"

by Christopher Richard Davies

Okay, of the published adventures, this one takes the most changes.

NPC Backgrounds:

Amella Venkalie: I'd suggest changing her prejudice so that it's against halflings, given the traditional involvement of the hin in piracy. This works well with the suggested change to another character.
Conrad Horst: He's posing as a cleric of Vanya.
Skald: He's originally from Landfall, and has no idea that his old boss may well be dead as a result of the Heldannic Civil War.
Urol Forol: I'd suggest changing him to be a halfling -- implicitly, one of the Halfling "masters", possibly something of a renegade. This should only be done if you're also changing Amella.
Lirith Veldirose: She's from Karameikos, the daughter of a court lord, on her Shearing.

The Voyage North

This reorganises the major encounters of the voyage in a way that conforms to the geography of Davania. Encounter A is left until later in the adventure. All references are to the PWA1011 map.

B: Hungry Flotsam: This encounter takes place at the mouth of the river that leads up to the town of Manacapuru.

C: Tamoachan: These ruins are found on the coast, just above and to the left of the "Manacapuru Tribal Lands" label.

D: Brotherhood Blockade: The pirates ambush the party just after they depart Tamoachan. They're Hattian pirates, formerly associated with the Storm Soldiers, who have now fallen on hard times. They will claim to be with the Thyatian navy, but give the heroes a hearty bonus to their Sense Motive checks to see through this Bluff, 'kay?

E: Ruins of Ft. Greenrock: Skip it.

F: River Menace: This encounter takes place at the mouth of the river just to the left of the "Manacapuru Tribal Lands" label.

G: Renkrue: This small island lies off the north-east coast of Leopard Land. The missionaries were clerics of the non-existent St. Cuthbert.

A: Fort Blackwell: These encounters, and possibly others, take place in Raven's Scarp, where the ships resupply prior to sailing north into the Isle of Dread. The shrine of Vanya has been taken over by slaad, but Vanya has not seen fit to inform any of her other clergy about it yet. (Tough love?)

H: The Pearl Current: Skip it.

I: Ruja: This is the eastern-most island of the Thanegioth Archipelago. Almost there, but ...

J: The First Storm: This sends the player's ship off north into the Sea of Dread, while the Blue Nixie manages to hold to its east-south-east course.

K: Journey's End: Blown far off course, the heroes encounter this Sargasso as they sail back towards the Isle of Dread.

L: The Second Storm: This blows up just after they get out of Journey's End. (Doesn't it just suck being a hero?) They get blown to the coral reef to the northwest of the Isle of Dread (see X1 or Dungeon #143).

M: Shipwrecked on the Isle of Dread: Well, they get off the reef, and limp to shore. And that's where this adventure ends, and the next one begins ... with a big lizard showing up.