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Savage Tide on Mystara Part I: "Tides of Dread"

by Christopher Richard Davies

Zotzilaha's Wrath: Zotzilaha is the Monster Ruler of firebats, an exalted but not Immortal creature of the sphere of Energy. (His alignment should also be changed to chaotic neutral, since his actions after the return of the stolen item make very little sense if he's evil.)

Temple of the Jaguar: The origin story of the rakasta presented in this section is a Tanaroan myth. It's not true -- or at the very least, the rakasta did not originate from mutating werejaguars on the Isle of Dread; the rakasta who used to live on the Isle arrived via shipwreck, like just about everyone else who's ever come here. That said, the part about the origin of the skinwalkers is true.

Scarlet Brotherhood Encampment: These "monks" have no connection to the Ochalean "Scarlet Brotherhood" which operates an embassy in Sasserine. They are members of a cult that existed within the Hattian Storm Soldiers, who prized intense discipline and physical fitness, worshipping a Purifying Flame. (Thanatos, natch. If you're puzzled by their martial arts, consider this -- unarmed combat techniques usually develop in regions that are deprived of obvious weapons, and Hattias, with its long history of rebellion, is a prime candidate for such deprivation.) They have followed a vision from their patron that has led them to the Isle.

The Jade Ravens: Liamae Teslikaria is a favoured soul dedicated to the Immortal known as Tyche (or Fortuna.)

Farshore Trivia: All the publicly honoured Immortals of Sasserine have shrines in the Farshore Chapel; Vesserin is a cleric of Gwynharwyf, though he doesn't advertise the fact. Notus Innersol, the missing missionary, was a cleric of Ixion.

The Big Picture: Demogorgon is up to something, and Malcanthet (a minor-league Entropic Immortal who is theoretically one of Demogorgon's allies) has decided to advance herself at his expense. (And everyone else's, natch.) Hence, she is manipulating a group of mortal heroes (the PCs) to do her dirty work for her. Thanatos, as Hierarch of Entropy, is monitoring the situation, but won't have his agents interfere unless he sees an opportunity to cause more suffering. These internal machinations of the Sphere of Entropy have not attracted the attention of any of the other spheres ... yet.