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Savage Tide on Mystara Part VI: "The Lightless Depths"

by Christopher Richard Davies

This great adventure (easily my favourite of the series thus far) requires very few notes.

Laogzed, the being worshipped by the troglodytes, may be the alias of another Immortal (Bachraeus, maybe?) or an Outer Being. (The latter option works well with the overall theme of the adventure -- in ending the influence of Demogorgon on these creatures, the party enables what might be an even greater evil, just as they do when they free the aboleths by the means used to destroy the kopru's shrine.)

Holashner, the "Elder Evil" whose essence is being used to make the shadow pearls, is definitely an Outer Being. So is Y'chak.

Tlaloc, the Olman Immortal who created the Cerulean Curtain, is an Immortal of the Sphere of Energy who had a small following in the Oltec/Azcan realms. He may still have some followers among the Hollow World Oltecs, or he may be completely dormant. His portfolio has largely been usurped by that upstart, Thor. (As an interesting twist, he may have achieved Hierarch status, then reincarnated as a mortal on the Prime Plane -- specifically, as Tahkati Stormtamer -- and is now working his way towards becoming one of the Old Ones.)

Finally, for "Far Realm", read "Dimension of Nightmares."