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Savage Tide on Mystara Part IX: "Into the Maw"

by Christopher Richard Davies

What changes does this adventure require to make it Mystara-compatible? None!

However, one slight modification that could give it some of that old-time flavour -- substitute planar spiders for the mercane in the encounter with the trading ship. (This requires no mechanical changes to the adventure, since the conversion in the Vaults indicate that a planar spider has the same CR as a mercane.)

With this chapter, the Savage Tide Adventure Path moves off the Material Plane (or the Prime Plane, as it's also called) and onto the Outer Planes. While the cosmologies of Oerth and Mystara are different, this cosmological background is just that -- background! The only differences is that the Outer Plane in which this adventure takes place is its own plane, rather than one of the layers of the Abyss.

Furthermore, it seems likely that all subsequent adventures in this saga will be planar as well. Since literally anything can be found on the Outer Planes, no further conversions should be necessary, aside from replacing any references to deities with appropriate Immortals.

I hope these notes have been both useful and entertaining. I'll be keeping my eye on the rest of the Adventure Path, and if I see something that I think requires a modification, I'll continue the series. But as things stand now, I think that the rest of the Adventure Path can be used "as is".